We all know full well that I’m a fan of certain things. I like things.  

I like words and I like you.


I especially like when words have dual meanings; as in, when you can bare yourself to a bear that’s barely running away from you because you’re so big and strong and look at you being all big and strong.


Next Monday we have the ability to use multiple words that revolve around the word “labor.” We could be describing a productive activity or the body of persons engaged in said activity (especially working for wages) or we could be talking about the body of persons considered consisting of a class or we could be talking about toiling, physically working or we could also be talking about either the physical effort of childbirth of the intervals from the onset of contractions during childbirth.


Either way, we’ll be talking about some of that next Monday for Labor Day. We’ll be open because we want to help you celebrate the physical and emotion strength of our country through the work that it’s taken us as a class of people who have gone through childbirth at least once in our lives to achieve what we have today and to go ahead and celebrate that notion.



That’s all me leading up to telling you that we’ll be open.



We’re laboring for you.



But that’s next Monday. What are we going to have for you this week?




Well, my favorite word in Spanish is equipaje, which means “luggage” so we should go with Latin and use the Latin word for labor instead (which is labor – goes to show there’s no such thing as an original thought).



Aside from that we have:


Zero Gravity Adelaide: this is a fun one. Known in common circles as an “Australian Sparkling Ale” which means that the folks at the ZG fermented this Ale with an Australian yeast (produces a clean and malty beer with good flocculation (the ability for the yeast to settle after it does its job) and good attenuation (the yeast doing its job). So, expect a bright and malty beer with a great attention to the hops (spoiler alert: they’re from Australia) and overall, a great ale.


Crop Bistro Doubletyme: you can throw a penny and fill a slot in your nearest machine with the amount of Double IPAs that we have in this state BUT, when a REALLY good one comes out, it’s best to take notice. So, take notice.


Evil Twin Single Hop Molotov Cocktail: The hop? Simcoe. The style? Imperial IPA. I usually shy away from saying Imperial IPA too much because of the shade made by the lines of classification. However, at 13% ABV it’s fair to use the “imperial” tag here.


Hill Farmstead Edward is on and that makes us happy when that’s the case so you’ve caught us in a pleasant mood.





There’s plenty of others kiddies but for now, that’s about all of the time I can pull you away from something that you should be doing otherwise (I’ve already cleared it with your boss and the time has come the walrus said to speak of many things).




Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings,



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