On one of your many visits to Three Penny, you may have noticed the jar on the bar soliciting donations for our Soccer Balls for Kids program.  What started out as a nice suggestion from a friend- to make a donation of soccer balls and ball pumps to kids who live in places recently devisated by natural disaster- has really grown into a whole thing unto itself.  Yes, true, in difficult times there are plenty of needs that come before soccer; but what we love about this little gesture is that it remembers something that is so easily overlooked.  In the face of just catastrophic loss and destruction, one of the very first (and very important) things lost is a child's ability to find a moment to enjoy themselves- to play, laugh, and just be a kid.  There's plenty of time throughout our lives to grieve over our losses, to survey damage and work towards rebuilding.  What there is often far, far too little of are opportunities to kick a ball around with some friends and put aside the hurtful, frightening and sad things. Over the past year we've been able to send care packages with a dozen or so soccer balls and a ball pump or two to Tibet, Haiti, and Ughanda, to name a few.  And through the generosity of all our great patrons, we've raised enough money to send out a couple more packages.  In addition, we've recently partnered with the great folks at Capital Soccer Club in hopes of expanding this great program, meaning we're poised to send out even more balls and pumps to kids in need of an opportunity to simply take a moment in their day to play.

But here's where you can help.  Turns out, the hardest part of this little project has been finding trustable, reliable, and appropriate people, groups, or organizations on the ground to receive and distribute these packages.  It's not like we can just write "Kids living in Earthquake ravaged Haiti" on the box and ship it out!  So what would be great is if you or someone you know or some organization you have a contact with is in a location where either by natural disaster, war, or perhaps even the shear poverty of the place the kids could really, really use a gift like this, please help get us in touch with them! You can talk to one of us while we're behind the bar, or send an email to info(at)threepennytaproom.com.  We really appriciate you helping us make this happen- and so do the kids!

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