You know, there’s not much really that’s been written on the history and culture and history of “stick season” but folks, it’s here. Maybe it doesn’t happen around where you are and maybe you call Novembeer something else but around these parts, after the leaves have made their way to their next jobs as insulation between the ground and the snow that will inevitably fall and while we wait for that aforementioned inevitability of white rain, we get to look at the “sticks” that are left for us that most people will call “trees.”  

It’s the time of year that reminds me of the show Northern Exposure. I was a “little” obsessed with that show basically because I was “obsessed” with the greatest film to ever be cut to celluloid, “Cliffhanger.” Yes, neither show/film really match up with each other but my obsession with the “north” was very present in the upbringing of the amazing human that is writing this message to you (just to you – and only you – HI!).


So that’s what I’m doing here. I’m here because I wanted to move north of where I was living at the time and then I did it.


What I’m REALLY doing here is to let you know that we will be CLOSED NEXT TUESDAY (Novembeer 10th in the year two thousand and fifteen). Why?


Well, who’s asking?



You’re pretty nosey aren’t you? Is there supposed to be a question mark there?



What we’re doing with our day off (we’re all going to be working; there’s important stuff to be done) is installing some shiny new equipment to make our lives a little easier and your lives a little better (that’s why we do anything).


That’s what we’re doing, because you had to know.


And, basically, that’s all I had to tell you this week.



I couldn’t find the scene so that we’re all on the same page when I’m making the reference but the part that really sticks out in my brain about Northern Exposure is when it starts snowing for the first time of the year and everyone in town lines the streets and says “Bon Hiver” (that’s “Happy Winter” in France) to each other as kind of a “hey! We’re about to go into winter and it takes a village to come together and help each other through the long and cold time ahead so hey, I’m psyched to see you and I’m here to help because we’re the good people of the north country” thing.


That’s what I liked about the “north country” and why I moved here to get closer to that even though I’m way too intelligent to think that art imitates life through the vessel of a show where a doctor moves from a major metropolitan area to a small town where the difference of life allows hilarity to ensue and who didn’t want Joel and Maggie to get together but we all knew they wouldn’t have been a good fit for each other so it’s probably better off that way.



Hey, let’s talk about beer now, huh?



We’ve got your Susan. It’s from Hill Farmstead.


We’ve got your Citizen Cider DRY. It’s nothing like Canada Dry.


We’ve also got a really nice Oatmeal Stout coming from the Crop Bistro (who will be changing their name! Welcome to the club Idletyme Brewing Company!) that tastes very nice.


Also worth mentioning is something else we have which is the Carrier Mild from Lawson’s Finest Liquids which is also an English Style Mild made with coffee (Ethiopian) from Carrier Roasters which is a lovely roaster in Vermont.


And here’s where I’m going to talk about Jack’s Abby NITRO Smoke and Dagger that we have on which is a Rauchbier (smoky dark lager) but all smooth like from the NITRO that they packaged it with.




As always, we have plenty more but that should be a good start to your day.


And, as always, let me know if there’s anything that I can do to help.






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