American Football. We’re still talking about it aren’t we?

Well, let me not depress the topic then. Let me not collapse or exhaust the timeless aspects of this event forthcoming that would allow us to arrive at talking pieces that never seem to devalue or diminish. Because to flatten the true meaning of the game (a simple game of getting your developed and boosted pigskin across the touchline of your opponent’s end of the field – really, that’s what it’s all about, not to squash the true essence of what the game holds to its’ core) would be to take out the enlarged mathematically grown intelligent match that lays out before you any given Sunday.

Although some would like to collapse the game with halftime showings and advertisements (no matter how your tongue empties that word through your teeth) we would like to celebrate the growing anticipation and raise the bar with our (and your) offerings to the Taproom in true communal style. I will get to the specifics about what I’m actually talking about but if I did not lead up to the anticipated core of this memo I would only be decreasing its’ meaning; I would only be depreciating the ethereal note of history and tradition. But don’t let that shrink or puncture your excitement for this Sunday. I would be void of truth if I did not want to build up your happiness and blow up your mind stuff with my need to get you, dare I say, inflated.


That was tougher than I thought.

Before you (well, above this: I guess we can call it the “aforementioned”) are thirteen synonyms for the word “deflate” as well as ten antonyms. I had to do it, right?

That and I’m a Patriots fan and everything and all anyone has been talking about is deflated footballs. I’m looking forward to the game and you might be as well so I thought I’d start it off by poking fun of the team I root for (“my” team. I hope “We” win and play well). Also, Go Flyers.

That all said, every year, for the Super Bowl, we host a Dip Off. I think you’re all aware of it.

We ask people to bring their best dips and chips (or, get inventive) and we’ll all hang out and talk during the game and actually get quiet during the advertisements and half time show. We’ll eat your dip and then we’ll all decide which one is the winner. There’s not much of a prize except for the fact that you’ll be the coolest person in the Taproom for a year until we do it again next year.

I think I’ve mentioned this all last week but it bears repeating since it’s actually this week.

Something that isn't at all waning in the need for us to add air is our need to help the community that we live in and try and make a difference for those that are already at the forefront of our future, mostly our children. The VEEP (Vermont Energy Education Program) consists of a group of individuals that hold workshops and programs for children and adults alike to educate them on the ideals of becoming energy efficient not only with the world we live in but also for the future ahead. As their favorite quote by John Dewey goes, "We learn by doing, but only if we reflect on what we have done." To this end, we are donating 10% of ALL BAR SALES THROUGHOUT THE DAY NEXT MONDAY (The Second of February) to help these folks in their quest to teach and educate. Join us in helping them. Learn more at

On to the beer.

Here are the highlights of what we’ve got going on this week so that you know:

Crop Bistro Oatmeal Stout: we’ve been loving what Will and D. A. have been putting out recently and that’s no different than their glorious Oatmeal Stout. Great body, great flavor and this is where I was going to quote nothing but beer commercials during the Super Bowl that you might see but “tastes great, not filling” is not really where I wanted to go.

Oscar Blues Ten Fidy: We’re also pretty psyched that Oscar Blues is now available in the great Republic and this is their pretty incredible Imperial Stout. People who have been following the revolution for a while will be familiar with the Oscar Blues brand as they’re been around for a second. However, there’s a good reason for that. Triple Hops brewed.

Hill Farmstead Double Citra: Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun, with Extra Cold Brewed Mountain People That Sky Dive That We’ve Already Been Over. Also, triple hops brewed, with one hop.

Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA: I don’t know if you know this about the people that work at the Taproom. This is one of our favorite beers of all time. We (mostly one person that comes to mind that drinks this more than just about anything else) almost always have this beer in our fridge at home (or out in the mudroom which is basically a refrigerator without all that stupid food in the way). There’s a good reason for that. It’s the quintessential IPA, among others of course, but it’s pretty stock standard goodness.

That’s about it my friends.

I hope you see your dip because if you put your hands upon my hip then you dip I dip we dip.


Let’s Go Pats Taproom (yup, I just did that – Go Flyers)