I’m pretty sure that without even looking you in the eye at this exact moment that we have one very basic thing in common (aside from the whole “breathing” thing, which is totally involuntary and really going way deeper than I’m trying to push this): we (you and I) love beer. I often get the question (ok, I really don’t get this question as much as I get the whole “who let you in here?” one) “what is it about beer that you love the most?” Well, for me, it’s often the history. Beer and the art/science of brewing it goes back way longer than most people realize and it has truly helped shape the fabric of what we are all about. A piece of this history that is relevant to bring up this week is the brewer’s star.


A brewer’s star looks very similar to the Star of David, actually (more than looks like, they look exactly the same). The first part, the upside down triangle is the masculine part, it covers the elements of fire and air. The second part, the part that is a right side up triangle, is the feminine part and it covers the elements of water and earth. Together, all assembled, they represent balance. Why did we have to have this history lesson today? Because it’s good stuff people and it’s right up there with brussel sprouts. Also, it’s important to mention that will all of those triangles, the brewer’s star has six points. Wait for it…


HAPPY SIXPOINT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All kidding aside, we’ve invited our friends from Sixpoint Brewing Company out of Brooklyn, New York, USA to come hang out with us today. Since they wanted us to have some good stuff from their brewery to let people try we brought in some crazy drafts for you to imbibe. Also, they wanted us to have a cask. So, we said, “If it means that the good people of Montpelier can drink it, then by all means.”


Here’s what we’re pouring for you today:


Resin: an absolutely fantastic Imperial IPA. It’s very well known around here and I know how much you all love you some Resin so I went ahead and brought it in for you so that I can see your face when you look at the boards and are all like, “OOOOOOHHHH RESIN! I’ll take that.”

Global Warmer: This is their winter seasonal and the good folks took the “standard” definition of what a “winter beer” should be and ran with it. Rather than overly spicing the beer, they simply let the ingredients act alone. So, you’ll get some toasted character from the malt and some good old hoppiness from those green cones that grow on vines whose resin we love so much.

 Mad Scientist #17: Allow me to introduce you to a style that we don’t have on here very often but it’s one of my favorites when done well (as you’ll see here): Mr. Braggot. A Braggot is essentially a honey beer that’s been made since the 12th century. It’s an ale/mead hybrid that has an enhanced alcohol content from the addition of all that honey for the yeast to eat.

Also Featuring:

Spice of Life: Motueka – CASK: yes, cask beer is good for you. This is a single hop pale ale made with nothing but Motueka hops from New Zealand. I JUST tapped it so we’ll be pouring it all day for you and yours. And, it’s tasting might fine.


As always, we have 21 other drafts to cover but for this week, I think I’ll just leave the floor to the Sixpoint folks and leave it up to you, good reader, to check our website regularly and often which is redundant but also very nice of you.


So you made it this far, huh?




Daily Burger today comes with Jalapeno Mustard and a Fried Egg: me say BOOM.





Professor T.P. Taproom


Class Dismissed.


Johnny, here’s your cell phone back. Please don’t use it again in class.