Riddle me this Batman. I’m just kidding. You’re not Batman.

Or, are you?

Anyway, I like riddles. I like to think and riddles make you do that or they are want to make you do that.

There’s a really good one that I remember that is something like “you’re a prisoner and you’re presented with two doors each with a guard standing in front of them. Behind one door is your freedom and behind the other is a hangman. You’re permitted to ask only one question and you’re informed that one of the guards always lies and the other always tells the truth. What question do you ask?”

You ask (sorry but I can’t have the interaction with you personally to require me to wait to see if you got the answer correct so I’m being impatient and just giving you the answer): “When can try those two beers that were made by 14th Star Brewing Company that were the two winners of the Make the Cut Homebrewing Competition and then subsequently vote on them?”

The other answer: Friday.

Friday at 3 o’clock sharp in the afternoon we will be tapping BOTH of the beers that YOU GET TO JUDGE. If you’re not familiar with the process yet, there was a large Homebrewing Competition (called Make the Cut, which was put on by 14th Star Brewing and Beverage Warehouse - read about it all right here) and the two finalists of the competition we invited to brew their beer on a bigger scale so that YOU (STATEWIDE) can pick the one that you think is “best” (rabbit ears meaning = beer is subjective and if they’ve made it this far in the competition both beers are obviously well made and “good beers”). Here’s the skinny on the beers that are going to be on for your judging personalities:

Tom Poole’s Belgian Witbier: expect all of the glorious protein haze from the wheat as well as a balanced beautyness of coriander and sweet orange peel.

Brett Seymour’s Schwarzbier: a great interpretation of the roasty, dark lagerstuff that typifies this style.

So it’s up to YOU to decide which beer will have the fame at the Vermont Brewer’s Festival and who gets the next level prize of having their beer brewed at 14th Star with production capacity (meaning, they’re going to make a REALLY BIG batch of the winning beer).

We’ll see you Friday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and don’t call me Friday.

We have a couple of other beers on tap as well but I’m going to take this week and concentrate on those two since we’re kind of having a competition about them and we should just concentrate on those two since we have a competition going on right now.

So, I’m stopping myself from telling you anything else.

It’s like biting your tongue. What a crazy thing to practice instead of just not saying something. I bet there are people who bite their tongue on accident in the same frequency that they let something slip out of their mouths that they’re not supposed to say out loud. I bet there’s a pretty even correlation there. Which reminds of me a joke: Just so that we’re all aware of the definition, a Freudian slip is saying one thing and meaning your mother.

The real answer to the riddle, the question that you’re supposed to ask: “If I ask which door leads to freedom, which door would the other guard point to?”

Because, if you asked the truth-guard, the truth-guard would tell you that the liar-guard would point to the door that leads to the hangman.

If you asked the liar-guard, the liar-guard would tell you that the truth-guard would point to the door that leads to death.

Therefore, no matter whom you ask, the guards tell you which door leads to death, and therefore you can pick the other door.

And so now you can go get some freedom.


What else can you ask from me? I just gave you freedom!

Sincerely (seriously, that song is awesome and I’m kind of like the Giving Tree by now),

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