Happy Independence Day (coming)! We’ll be OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY AND SERVING FOOD FROM 11-9 AND THE BAR WILL STAY OPEN WELL AFTER THAT. Also, we’re closed on Monday because, well, we’ll also be celebrating our Independence. You know what I think about when I think about Independence? Cats. And that’s where the worm turned in the brain for me and then I wrote this:  


It was sometime at night; the forested jungle was singing the nocturnal round of constant chatter and I was perched with my back to a Belian for support. I was part of a solitary mission to capture a cat.


Not just any cat; a Bornean Bay Cat.


No one had ever seen one, let alone captured and tagged one, which was my charge. The higher ups (shall remain nameless – it was a top secret mission) wanted to know how many of these rare cats were still around as they are extremely important in the circle of life in the humid terrain.


I spent two weeks attached to that tree and hadn’t seen anything closely resembling the Bornean Bay Cat. I saw a lot of other things. The Bornean Rain Forest is brimming with other things, you should go some time, it’s really nice.


Anyway, so I was in Borneo from 2003-2006 straight. After my initial waiting period where I thought I could just hunt like the Cat, be like the cat and live in the cat’s area it became very apparent that they weren’t coming around because I was there. So I made myself as sparce as they are. I set up a camera and went back to headquarters.


From 2003-2006 I (well, the camera that I set up that had a motion detector on it that, when tripped, would take a picture) took many many many many pictures. If you’d like to see some of them I’ll leave THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS to appease you.



However, I only caught ONE picture of the elusive Bornean Bay Cat.





It (the picture) has been living in my wallet since 2006 and I’m the only one that’s ever actually looked at the picture with a pair of eyes. To be truthful, the higher ups decided in 2004 that I should stop looking for the Bornean Bay Cat because, well, there was more interesting things to learn about in that area during that time I guess but I’m much more stubborn than that and stayed on my own accord (and expense).








HERE it is.


Now you know what I was doing between the year 2003 and 2006.



What does that have to do with beer/wine/spirits/awesome food?



Well, we have two newer things going on that, if you’re in the right place at the right time, you’ll have a better chance to catch them than I did hunting that damn cat.


First, every Monday-Thursday from 4-6 we have really cool special appetizer sized food stuffs that are only $5. It’s not rare to find them from that time period but you have to be here to get them. They change fairly often but they’re always amazing. The chorizo stuffed pickled pepper that we had on last week had one gentleman order three orders of them while he was here and then took four orders of them with him when he left my presence. So, if that’s any indicator…


The other thing to discuss is our version of the “City Wide” (Philly) or the “Industry Standard” that those who’ve given their time to the restaurant industry will be kind of upset about the fact that we’re making this public but, well, we like sharing and we like you. The “City Wide” and “Industry Standard” are a series of drinks known, in most circles, as a “shot and a beer.” We’re going to rename this “shot and a beer” to our version and call ours, “Good Neighbor.” So, when you order a “Good Neighbor” you will get a can of Naragansett Lager and a shot of Old Grand Dad whiskey. All of that for $7. Be a good neighbor and join in on the fun.


As far as the draft is concerned here’s some of what we have on tap in comparison to other rare cats that I took pictures of in the past:


The Pallas’ Cat: actually the oldest species of cat, mostly living in Eastern Europe. The fun thing about this cat is the fact that it has rounded pupils as opposed to slits. When I think of this cat I think about Founders Mosaic Promise and it’s rounded hop to malt profile. Mosaic Promise is a single hop/single malt beer using Golden Promise Malt and Mosaic hops.


And, when I think about my time with the Sand Cat in Africa, the Arabian Pennisulas and western Asia and their furred feet that insulate their paws from the hot sand I always think about Zero Gravity’s Gose and how refreshing it is during a heat wave, especially in Africa. Their tart wheat with coriander and salt is the perfect ending to a day where it gets really really really hot.


And the Margay, resembling an Ocelot climbing all over the central and southern Americas, hunting at night? They always remind me of Hill Farmstead Earl. It’s an oatmeal coffee stout.


We have another stout coming in this week from another brewery in Vermont that you may have heard about but that’s about all I’m allowed to say about it at the moment so I guess I’m just going to go back to my tree stand and wait.



See you soon.







I’mstillwaiting Taproom





Post Script:


I would like to personally thank those of you who have sent Mira a postcard, they are meaning a LOT to her. Especially, Waylon, we got yours literally the next day, from Florida. And, D.A. and Buffy? Yours came in from the Islands and she was happy. Kudos. Thanks again!