The sun is out and the temps are nearly conducive of growing food in the ground- which means it's springtime in Central Vermont!  Here at Three Penny, that means I've got a few reminders/news bulletins for you: -Our kitchen duo of Joey and Jake have been working the past couple of weeks to refine our food offerings and bring you the best menu there can be- we're all really excited about offering a full menu, 7 days a week, without a stove!  OK, so they do make good use of a sandwich press, but otherwise, I dare you to came in for some eats and not be blown away at how amazing your meal was- and know it came from a kitchen without flames!  Among other simply delicious offerings, we're now in full-swing with Mexican Fridays (the best Mexican food in VT!), sushi Saturdays (the best Sushi in VT!), and oyster Sundays (the freshest oysters in VT!).  Plus, Matt and Joey have been getting their hands dirty planting a vegetable garden up at Matt's house- which means super-fresh, Three Penny grown veggies will be part of you meal in the coming weeks!

-We're really grateful to writer Steve Koenemann for writing this simply great piece about us and our First Annual Montbeerlier Anniversary Festival.  Cheers Steve!

-Beer?  Right, we've got beer and you probably came to this site looking for news about beer.  In the coming weeks we'll be revamping our bottle list, bringing in some new Trappist beers.  We're also flying through kegs of Vermont's two newest breweries, Trapp Family Brewery (making really authentic German and Austrian-style lagers) and Hill Farmstead Brewery (so far we've seen WBC gold-winning brewer Sean Hill's awesome IPA and Double IPA, with the fun and creative stuff coming down the line).  In addition, our website has a list of what's on tap that gets updated at least once a week (I'll try to stay on top of getting it updated a bit more, since our draft list is known to change much more frequently than that).

-And speaking of beer, this week, or maybe next, we expect to finally get our delivery of Sierra Nevada Knightro- a nitrogenated ESB that we created and brewed last March as part of Sierra Nevada's super cool Beer Camp.  Be sure to stop in to try this one- we'll be one of about 6 places in the world carrying it!

-Finally, not really related to much of anything (except Three Penny and springtime), the Three Penny Pirates, our team in the Montpelier Men's Softball League, opens the season this Thursday, May 20 at 6:00.  Come on down to Dog River Field to cheer us on!  Our full schedule, and team stats, will be posted here.