Yikes, sorry for the lack of news feed updates folks.  It's been busy around here, and I was outta town last week, and the sun was in my eyes, then the dog ate my....

Anyway, we're still pouring 22 great craft beers on draught, have about 25-30 different bottles, and the single most unique food menu in town.  Speaking of which, the "Food" page on this site will be up and running, hopefully soon enough, and will be updated with our current menu (which changes about as frequently as our draught selection).  And speaking of our draught selection, I'm having some tech problems getting that updated at the moment, but that should be taken care of in the next day or so, so don't fret.

And a quick note about sports and TV and sports on TV: baseball playoffs are, obviously, done with.  But I for one am a huge Celtics fan, and I bartend Wednesday afternoons, and the Celtics happen to play a lot of Wednesday games, so be sure to pop in Wednesday's to watch the future 2009-2010 NBA Champions.  And as always, if there's ever a game on (or that you think might be on) and you wanna watch it, just ask your bartender, most of the time we'll be able to get you settled in with a beer and your team.

In the meantime, Scott and Matt have been hard at work putting together some more great events here at the Three Penny for December.  I'll post specifics when they get confirmed.