I’m trying a new approach. Some may read these and appreciate the fact that I try and be at least a little bit entertaining (trying) and there are those who probably don’t read these because I’m trying (trying) to be TOO entertaining. Well, that doesn’t get you here to see Jazz on a Friday night now does it?  

So that’s what I’m going to let you know; we have the Mike Lorenz Trio here on Friday night and they’re incredible. If you’ve been in our establishment (which, if you’re on this list, the probability of you having been here is one I’d place bets on and I’m not a betting man (with money anyway)) you know that our dining room in smaller than a concert venue. To be able to see the Mike Lorenz Trio play LIVE HOT JAZZ on a FRIDAY night at 9:30 should be something you’d be into because they’re awesome and it’s basically like a private concert that we’re not charging you for and a great tap list to choose from while watching HOT LIVE JAZZ.


I really want to get the word out as much as possible so we’re going to leave it at that.


But seriously, these small little concerts are pretty incredible and intimate.


And, if you haven’t tried our Summer Menu yet then you haven’t had it in the past so let’s make the present work and your future will thank you.



That’s what I got for you this week, folks. As always we’re going to have the absolute best of the best available for you at all times from our beer selection to the liquors we carry to the wines we bring in to the food that we take care of preparing for you and that’ll never stop.


We’ll see you soon.


We love you; each and every one of you.


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