Bonnieview Farm, Bonnieview Blue, VT $9

Bijou, Goat, VT $9

Bonnieview Farm, Ayersdale, Cow, VT $9

Tasting of all three $15



Greens and Herbs $7 add chicken $8

Caesar Salad- mixed greens, croutons, grana padana, anchovies $10

Blueberry Salad- candied sunflower seeds, chevre, berry-balsamic vin $10



Fish Sandwich- coleslaw, caper mayo, pickled red onion $11

Beer Battered Monte Cristo- ham, brie, rodenbach cranberry preserves $12

Burger, Lettuce, Pickles, Mayo w/
cheddar or blue cheese $12 Double $15

Bacon Burger $13 double $16

Daily Benedict Burger- English muffin, egg, hollandaise $14

All Burgers served with Mayo, Pickles, Lettuce, Cheddar or Blue Cheese


Large Plates

Chicken and waffle- yeast raised waffle, wings, bacon butter, maple $13

Quiche Vegetable- asparagus, portabella, chevre, grana padana, greens $12

Steak and Eggs- skirt steak, truffle butter, asparagus, grilled garlic scapes $13

Greek Frittata- tomato, olives, feta, greens $12

Carbonara- guanciale, spaghetti, egg yolk, wild chanterelles, grana padana $12

Chicken Udon- soy sauce egg, mustard green kimchi, nori, fried shallots $13


Snacks and sides

Smoked Trout - pickled fennel, buttered toast $9

Fried Chickpeas- lemon zest, parsley $3

Fries and Mayo $5

Roasted Peanuts $3

Oysters- Irish Point, Prince Edward Island, Canada $3 ea.

The Vermont Department of Health warns that eating raw or undercooked

Meat or eggs can make you ill.

A Gratuity of 20% will be added to parties of 6 or more.

All Prices include Vermont Rooms and Meals Tax.