Well, you'd have to have just moved here to think this kind of weather- sunny in the 70's- will last.  This is Vermont, folks: we've got several weeks of up and down temps and lots of rain ahead of us (not to mention Bug Season) before the summer is really here.  I for one have my money on at least one more showing of the white stuff, even if only some overnight flurries. But I'm not trying to be a downer.  This is the kind of weather we've all been dreaming of since October, and with the sun and the warmth and blue skies comes barroom doors propped open, Saturday BBQ's, shorts, talk of softball season, and an almost obnoxious omni-present smile on nearly everyone's face.  And of course, we've got plenty of exciting beers to help you and your friends enjoy the afternoon or evening (or both).  We just tapped our first keg from the brand-spanking new Trapp Family Brewery at the Von Trapp Family Lodge (a very well-done, authentic, malty Vienna-style lager is what's currently on).  We're also wicked-siked to be able to get Montreal's Dieu Du Ceil Brasserie on draft now and currently we're pouring their really amazing Route Des Epices(a rye beer with green and black peppercorns).  I've also just (finally) updated the bottle list on our website (which includes Dieu Du Ceil's Corne du Diable, a personal favorite of mine)- so pop over to our website get some really good ideas in your head.

I guess what I'm saying is this: we open at 3:00, come on down for a really fantastic beer.  You'll be really glad you did, I promise.

And here are some tunes to help you remember to get the hell off your computer and get outside: