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Cocktail List: Spring 2013

Lavender Honey Gimlet

We've had some really good interest in our new cocktail list, with one customer exclaiming "if you keep making drinks this good, you're going to lose your reputation as a beer bar!" We're still going to be slinging high-quality craft brews, but we want to give you some more options if you feel like something a little different. See the full list below, and click the links for more information and our recipes.

Three Penny Taproom Spring Cocktail List

Hopped Gin & Tonic (Hop-Infused Gin, House Grapefruit Bitters, Tonic)

Barrel Aged Corpse Reviver #2 (Oak-aged Gin, Cointreau & Lillet; Citrus, Pernod)

Barrel Aged Margarita (Oak-aged Tequila & Cointreau, Citrus)

Lavender Honey Gimlet (Vodka or Gin, Lavender Honey Syrup, Citrus)

Montpelier Mule (Cranberry-Ginger Lemonade, Citrus Vodka, Ginger Ale)

Rum Punch (aka "Purple Drank") (Citrus, Cranberry, Rum, Hibiscus Tea, Orange Bitters)

Spike Hyzer (Earl Grey Infused Bourbon, Lemon/Cider Vinegar Shrub Syrup, Ginger Liqueur, Citrus) $11

Atholl Brose (Whisky, Honey, Oats, Cream) $8

Chin chin, and let us know what you think!