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Last Week in Beer: 11.03.14

roosevelt This week's installment of Last Week in Beer teaches you about the top 25 breweries in the US, brings you all kinds of great fall beers to track down and try, teaches you about presidential drinking habits, offers a cool way to keep growler beer fresh, and shows how forward-thinking employers can incentivize their staff.

Fall beers worth the brouhaha [CNN] - CNN's not usually the first place we look for beer advice, but they've actually curated a good list of 15 autumnal brews to track down. After all, we currently have one of the listed beers on tap (Old Rasputin), we recently had another one on (The Bruery's Autumn Maple), and the total list is only 27% pumpkin beers.

Book Reveals US Presidents' Drinking Habits [Drinks Business] - Did you know George Washington was a big fan of porter beers? That President Warren Harding liked to sneak the occasional drink during Prohibition? A new book will help you wow your friends with your knowledge of Potent POTUS Potables.

uKeg: Keep A Growler Of Craft Brew Cold, Fresh For A Long Time [CBSlocal] - I don't usually have a problem keeping my growlers fresh...when I buy one it has a tough time lasting out the afternoon. uKeg has some great applications for people with less...dedication, however.

Company Gets Employees to Complete Tasks by Bribing Them With Beer [Eater] - Employers! Having trouble convincing your employees to complete mind-numbing tasks like filling out time sheets? Bribe 'em with beer!

The 99%: America's Top-Rated Breweries [Cool Material] - The folks at Cool Material are sick of "best brewery" lists that are colored purely by one author's opinion, so they set out to science up the process by turning to Beer Advocate's scoring system. Their requirements included things like a minimum of 15 active beers, a minimum rating of 99%, and more. Oh, and it bears mention that Hill Farmstead came in at #1 - color us shocked!