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Last Week in Beer: 10.27.14

[via First We FeastIn our never-ending effort to keep you up to speed on all things beer, we've decided to compile the beer tidbits we noticed last week and share them. This week we talk about Lawson's Sabeerical, investigate oak, dig up a beer geek self-improvement guide, and see what beer looks like under a microscope! A Look Ahead for Lawson’s Finest - On the bright side: Lawson's will be canning Sip of Sunshine! On the less-bright side, Sabeerical means "Lawson’s Finest will take a temporary break from brewing in Warren – but just for a few months." []

From Acorn to Barrel: Fun Facts About Oak - This article is mostly about spirits, but as more and more breweries start to age their beer in oak, we thought you might be interested in getting in on the ground floor of how this wood affects your drinks. []

The Beer Geek Self-Improvement Guide - "How does one even make the massive leap to full-on beer geekitude? Surprisingly, the actual beers you drink are often secondary." Interesting tongue-in-cheek article on beer geek culture, aimed at everything from cellars to beards. []

Beershots: Microscopic Views of Beers from Around the World - Ever wonder what beer looks like under a microscope? Probably not until you read this headline, but it's actually pretty cool! []

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