“…and that’s what I was talking about. It had been a long week; a week filled with productive moments and lazy minutes. But it was Sunday. It was a day to leisurely find myself planted in a place of comfort and nourishment; of joy wrapped in a full stomach and a good drink.”


The above is a direct quote from a customer exclaiming their love for our Sunday Lunches. You see, we like to change things up a little bit around here (“You don’t say?” I do. And I’m pretty sure that’s more of a statement than a question). While most days we like to change things up in the front of the house; different beers and cocktails since different moods require abundant choices. But, on Sundays, we turn to the kitchen to throw those knuckle pucks at you (during the summer we refer to them as “curveballs” (who said that?)).


So, if you haven’t tried our Sunday Lunches, you might want to schedule that in. Last week (true story) I watched a couple order the chicken fried steak with the intention of sharing, take a bite, and then order another one. That’s what I’M talking about.


Scene II:

Hey Ladies!!! Hey, you look marvelous today. Just wanted to let you know. I also wanted to let you in on a little thing we’re calling, “if we were going to want to do another run of our ladies’ scoop neck t-shirt, how many ladies would be interested?” (I said that). That’s what we want to know. What we’d like to do is to get some feedback on how many of you would want one if we ordered them. If you’re in the want category, just send an email to info@threepennytaproom.com and we’ll go from there.


Scene III:

I know it seems early to talk about this but I wanted to give you all forewarning and the ability to plan since I’m well aware that the holidays are fast approaching and time is of the essence. So, what I’m talking about is the fact that we’re hosting SIXPOINT BREWING COMPANY on Wednesday DECEMBER 4th! I’ve lined up some pretty fancy drafts for the event (which will run all day) and a fancy cask to pour on the bar. We’ll have some special guests for the event so, well, you should totally be here. Also, I’m taking suggestions for politely welcoming our friends from Brooklyn so anything that’s completely stereotypical that you can think of to make them feel at home, just let me know.


Scene Beer:

OK! I’m stop rambling already and let you know what we have on tap and what’s coming up next! Jeez! (that’s what you are talking about)


It should be noted that we just tapped Lawson’s Finest Hopzilla yesterday afternoon and should have some pouring today as well. Should being the operative word there. If you haven’t had it in a while, then, well…you totally should.

Here’s some goodies kittens:

-          Zero Gravity Black Cat Porter: we all know that our good friends at the ZG absolutely nail every style they brew and this is no exception. Perfect American Porter.

-          Maine Beer Company King Titus: tis the season, y’all. Robust Porter from Maine that’s bursting with the chocolate and roasty goodness that you want and crave.

-          Sierra Nevada Celebration: we look forward to this every year as it’s only made but once. A fresh hop IPA that’s so good we get giddy when it comes around.

-          Citizen Cider Dirty Mayor: this is fantastic. A hard apple cider made with ginger. Yup.

-          Lost Nation Gose: the RETURN! You’ll be running around for the holidays so this will be able to replenish all of those lost electrolytes.

-          Hill Farmstead Everett: I hesitated to include this because as you’re reading this, we might have just poured through the rest of what we received. In the conversation about Porters, this should be considered the best you’ll ever have and the best there ever will be (another baseball reference).




Stay thirsty and hug your neighbor.


That’s What I’m Talking About Willis T. P. Taproom