Buckle up sweeties, this is going to be a long one. Today I am embarking on what I hope will turn into an annual event. At the bottom of this blast to your noggin will be me thanking the people that are extremely important to our development and success. You may know most of us or you may not know any of us but, by the end of this article (if you so choose to read it completely), you will at least know the names of the folks that are employed here. And, you will know a little snippet of WHY they are employed here. We don’t generally get what’s called “turnover” in the industry. We have, by all accounts, what the industry folks would call “lifers” or people who tend to stay at the same restaurant for an extended period. That’s not something you see everyday and it always is a reflection, to us, that we’re doing something right.


So, what I’m going to do first is thank you. Thank you for making our little Taproom what it is. Without our customers, friends, confidants we would just be a bunch of beer geeks talking amongst ourselves. That’s why the first THANK YOU will go to you, fearless reader. My hope is that you all find complete happiness in your lives and that you spread joy to your fellow neighbors and friends. So, Thank you.


That said, let’s get through the business end of the stick and let you know some touch points on what you can expect around here before I delve into the love fest that will be the second act of this play.


Firstly, while you’re bustling around during the Art Walk next Friday, be sure to stop in and see us! Yes, we’ll probably have a bunch of folks around for the holidays seeing other folks they haven’t seen in a while but that’s the beauty of it and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see someone that you haven’t seen in a dog’s age and that’ll make you smile and belly laugh. And, that’s what we like: belly laughs.


Secondsies, don’t forget our evening with Sixpoint Brewing Company NEXT WEDNESDAY! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the place that they’re from (Brooklyn, New York, USA) is stereotypically know as harvesting what is known as a “hipster” community. I don’t think it would be a bad thing if you wanted to dress up as said hipsters and maybe we’ll make them feel at home (side note: skinny jeans needed, stat – and maybe some glasses without the glasses?).


Thirdsens, here’s what’s either on or coming on soon for your drinking pleasure. Because, we like to also thank you in liquid form.


-          Long Trail Limbo: a fantastic Double IPA from Bridgewater Corners. Pine and citrus meet on a corner, under a streetlight and then they hug. It’s kind of like being outside of Hopper’s Nighthawks.

-          Grassroots Legitimacy IPA: nothing short of a homerun from our friends at Hill Farmstead, as always.

-          Lawson’s Finest Big Hopi: India BLACK Ale from Mr. Lawson. You can taste it right now, right?

-          Lawson’s Finest Triple Play IPA: now, you taste it.

-          Sierra Nevada Celebration: I know we’ve already talked about this but we’re excited OK?

-          Maine Beer Company King Titus: drinks more like an India Black Ale than a robust porter but all of the usual suspects of a robust porter are there and they’re lurking.


Cool. Thus ends part one.




[Soft jazz or something of the like is playing]

[It’s raining.]

[It’s not raining anymore because you went back inside]

[READER takes coat off]




Part 2:


So, how I’m going to do this is as follows: after everyone’s name I’ll be starting with the assumption that the phrase, “I’m Thankful for their…” will lead in to what I’m saying. My grammar is fairly spot on so I’m well aware that these will all look like fragmented sentences. I assure you, they are not.

I also felt it necessary to start with the people that you may see the least.

I’m thankful for (insert name here)…

Back of the House

Kelly and Stella: for coming in every morning and cleaning the place up; it’s not infrequent that there’s quite a mess in here after a long night of revelry, and they both do an outlandish job making everything better.

Megan: and her seemingly never ending experiments in the whole of pastries and baked goods. Literally, she brings in a lot from outside of work and then makes more while she’s here. And, they’re all hella good.

Mariela: and her ethereal kindness and sweetness. She’s one of our recent acquisitions (we speak in sports business terms around here) and the kitchen is simply a way happier place when she’s around.

Charlie: and his “nose to the grindstone” ethic. Another new acquisition, Charlie came to us and jumped right on the grill which is a very hard thing to accomplish. Charlie does it with a calm demeanor and cranks it out.

Jeff: and his humor. Simply put. That and the guy in unflappable.

Artie: and the formation, at his hands, of our new direction. There’s not much you can’t say about him. He took a very tall order and guided the ship with perfection and maturity. We are eternally grateful for what he does here and extremely thankful for him.

Lawrence: and his never ending quest for perfection in the kitchen. I’m thankful to be able to watch someone with such great pride impress himself. I talked last week about our Sunday Lunches. Lawrence is the man you can thank.

Payson: and his presence of experience. I don’t mean to call him old. He’s not. But the experience that he brings to the kitchen is almost visible. The folks that work around him can learn from him and they do. For that (and for him being old and all), we’re completely thankful.

Asa: and the pride and knowledge that he brings to not only the baking program but also the “take the bull by the horns” attitude that he’s displayed with it. He has the care and touch of a master.

Andrew: and his unwavering attention to how a kitchen is supposed to run. His experience on multiple stations make him a true asset. That and he’s a pretty amazing artist to boot.

Derek: and his work ethos. There’s nothing that we haven’t asked him to do. And, he does whatever he’s asked without question and completes everything with a smile. His willingness to learn is something that we are all thankful for, since it’s a lost art nowadays.

Peter: and his willingness to walk into a busy, crowded workplace and fit in perfectly. Peter’s a hard worker and a joy to be around.

Front of the House:

Sara: and her kindness and experience. Sara has become a good friend and quite honestly, she is one of the best servers I have ever been around. She is always in a good mood (for the most part) and is always ready and professional.

Chantelle: and her bubbly energy (and baked goods). Chante’ (as we call her) is ALWAYS in a good mood, she’s got an amazing work ethic and she’s certainly a mood-enhancer for the dining room as it’s hard to be in a bad mood around her.

Teri: and her care and attention to detail. You might not know this (or, you might) but Teri is an interior designer and sometimes, if you read into it enough, you can certain see it in the way she works. Everything is meticulously prepared and executed.

Jay: and his willingness to come in to a position and run with it. Jay recently took over as the Assistant Manager (when we’re using titles) and has nailed it. He’s professional, he’s awesome with customers and he knows how to “captain” a restaurant.  

Greg: and for the fact that he’s one of the coolest, most awesomest and certainly funniest guys I have ever met. Greg takes incredible pride in what he does and it shows. He is also the one on staff that is most passionate about craft beer and his knowledge on the subject is awesome.

Zach: and his leadership. Zach is a major reason that we’re successful. I mean, all of the people that I’m talking about here are the reasons that we’re successful but Zach has done more behind the scenes than he gets credit for. So, that’s why I’m giving him credit for it right now.

Jenn: and for just being Jenn. JPru, if you’ve ever worked with her, is the easiest person in the world to work with. It takes about three minutes to realize that. She’s a true professional in everything that she does.

Miriam: and her ability to absolutely kick ass. Miriam is another recent acquisition and she came on board as if she’s been working here for three years. I’m thankful to have her on board.

Tony: and for being the awesome teacher that he is. Tony only gets to hang with us on the weekends when he’s not transforming your children’s minds but while we have him, it’s a true delight. He’s also probably the nicest guy you’re going to meet.

Kenna: and her quest to become better. Kenna’s an awesome bartender, simply awesome. But, she’s always looking for ways to doing something different, to do something better or to simply keep the place clean (she loves cleaning – true story).

Ehren: and his laugh. We can always tell when Ehren’s around because his personality breaks the door as he enters. Ehren’s a consummate professional and a joy to work with.

Jake: and his geek town speech. Jake is the driving force (along with Flan, Ehren and Kenna) behind our cocktail program and does mostly all of our social media. He geeks out in a way that only Jake can and we’ve been extremely lucky to have him.

Slaughter: and the way that he’s always willing to be the host of the party. Ever accommodating and always smiling, Slaughter (Matt – we call him by his last name) is an addition that lightens the mood, that brings the party. I’m mostly referring to his Monday night dance parties.

Bart: and showing us how it’s done. Bart is our absolute newest acquisition although you would never know it. We’ve known Bart for many years and it was a great day when we finally got to work with him.

Rybo: and his service to the bar for all these long years. There’s only a handful of people that have been around since the beginning and Rybo’s one of them. He knows more about the chemistry of beer than you do and he’s willing to geek out whenever you’re ready.

Scott: and, well, the guy’s my idol and has been for 34 years. I could get mushy here but I won’t (didn’t I just do that?). Scott, as you know, is the best at what he does, no matter what that is.

Matt: and maintaining the sanity around here. We tell our bartenders that when they’re behind the bar, pretend/act like you own the place. Well, Matt DOES own the place and he acts like it when he’s behind the bar. I’m simply thankful for him keeping things grounded.

Wes: and his leadership. You might not see Wes around as much as the rest of us but he’s the one in the office making sure everything is taken care of for us. I’ll have to add in there that I’m, personally, thankful for his friendship first and then all of that “taking care of the money” stuff second.


Finally, I’d like to thank those that have moved on but had a HUGE impact on making us what we are today. You are all missed and we love your guts. Ok, I’m talking about Flan. We love her and miss her and hope she’s doing well. And, I’m talking about Bridget. I don’t want to single anyone out more than that (Andy) but there’s always a spot at the bar/table for those that have put the time and energy in to make us the Three Penny Taproom, the greatest little Taproom in the known universe.


Cheers to all and to all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Iguessweneedhugsnow Taproom

Post Script/Encore:  You may- or may not- know that Kevin writes these weekly emails for us (for you).  He does a great job: funny, informative, clever, and much less reliant on the “!” than Scott was when he wrote these.  He’s also a humble, not looking for the limelight or in need of credit kind of guy; which is something I knew when he told me he’d be writing this epic “we’re thankful for…” email today.  Which is why I’ve hijacked this email just before it goes out so we can all be sure that “we’re thankful for… Kevin” can be added in.  There aren’t words (that I’m familiar with- and I read a whole lot) to describe how invaluable Kevin is to everything that happens at Three Penny, and before this gets way too mushy, I just want to note all he does here, for us and you; and that’s probably most evident by the fact that he’s the only person who works closely, day in and day out, with everyone here at TPT- close enough to be able to list through the whole staff and make note of their strengths (we save making note of everyone’s weaknesses for our Festivus Celebration).  For that, and so much more, we’re damn thankful for Kevin.