Shameless Self-Promotion To Begin…NOW:  

Hello. You’ve heard me talk a lot about a certain film that I’ve had the unique opportunity to actually be involved with before. It’s called 100 Head/Heart/Feet and the whole of the story can be seen/read about here. The moral of me telling you is that the GMFF (The Green Mountain Film Festival for short) is opening this weekend and we’ve (the film) been selected to be shown THIS SUNDAY AT 3:30 IN THE PAVILION!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!


Anyway, the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier, Vermont is actually sponsoring the film (I wonder how that happened? Well, it’s because the film is winning awards left and right and is featured and shown in festivals all over the country (and world, actually), that’s how that happened) and I wanted to mix business with pleasure and take a moment to let you know that you should purchase your tickets here and then go see the film because you get to see it and it’ll change your life. Honest.


Of course there’s a lot of other films that you should go see but this is the one that you HAVE to see. Almost the entire crew will be on hand after the screening to do a Q and A (Question and Answer for short) and then you can ask questions to which an answer will be given.


It’s actually hard for me to write about since my level of pride for my friends, my brothers, knows no end and writing about something usually means you have to separate yourself from the subject. I love these people and after seeing the film you’ll understand my verklemmtness (it’s a German word with an English suffix).




Listen to this song first: It’s perfectly paired with the rest of this week’s email.










Full Disclosure: I’m not a basketball fan in any way/shape/form. I can’t pretend to be because that would be dishonest to you and that’s the last thing that I am, ever. I can not recite to you the stats on how Magic Johnson was awesome and who’d beat who in a one-on-one contest and all I really know about basketball is that, when I was a child I wanted to “Be Like Mike.” Which, writing that now, is pretty funny to me since it’s more of a Gatorade commercial that I remember than basketball apparently.


But some people like Basketball. You might like it. You might have been one of those people who scheduled a vacation or something for the two or so weeks that college teams try their hardest to instantaneously become Cinderella and then win the big trophy after beating the penultimate team in that strong contest that you had.


I just wish someone would explain the game to me to actually make me want to watch it. I’ll trade you: I’ll explain the inner workings of what “onside” is in both Hockey and Soccer and you can explain what makes Basketball so great to you.


Ok, I’m KIDDING!!!



I love basketball.



And, it’s March Madness. And, we’re going to be showing as many games as possible. You know why?


Because we also love Basketball (and Hockey/Soccer – I don’t want anyone to get all “I feel left out” here) and we love you.


Also, we (I) realize that many of you may have a school (your Alma Mater) that is involved in these contests and we want to make sure that you’re able to cheer on your school with a beer in hand and a full belly (Oysters – Today).



So come on in, we’ll be watching the games as long as there’s no Champions League on at the moment and well, the UVM Catamounts’ Hockey Team is on this Friday so we are probably going to show that too but, well, just let us know what game you want to watch and we’ll put it on for you because we love you and we also love Basketball.



Here’s some of the beers that you’ll be drinking while you watch everyone try to beat Kentucky (go UNC!):


Founders Dark Rye: Well, this is an aptly named beer. It’s Dark. It has Rye (adds spice – not like Thai food spice – more like “whoa. That has some umami in it that I can’t put my finger on [puts finger on tongue]. I’d say it has a “spice” to it.). And it has many of the hops. It’s lovely like a fade away jumper.


Allagash White: It’s back and it’s mentioned in conjunction with contractions.


Fiddlehead Second Fiddle: Again, Vermont brewers know nothing about making double IPAs. Said no one ever (man do I love that line – it reminds me of the “NOT” thing people used to say but it’s like ten times more cleverer).


Zero Gravity Brett Head: well, this one hits “nothing but net.” They went and took their Wheat IPA (Conehead) and fermented it with Brettanomyces (a wild yeast strain). This is where all of you reading are like “Hey, Kevin, remember that time that you did an entire email out of sports clichés? Why didn’t you do this one that way?” Well, I already did one of those. I’m still waiting for my suggestion box to get at least one suggestion as to what you’d like me to write about. Serious, I love a good challenge ( Anyway, it’s really good. REALLY good.




Alright all my Mike’s that you’re being like, that’s about all the news that’s fit to print for this week.






Seriouslycommagocatsexclamationpoint Taproomperiod.