Well, friends, it’s that week. It’s the week that we all mark on our calendars regardless of which avenues our celebrations are centered. It’s the week where Three Penny is closed on a Friday.  

I know, I know…


You’re probably thinking “WHAT!?! NOT FRIDAY!!!”


And then I’m thinking, “Please calm down, you’re making a scene. And if you’re going to make a scene, you might as well write it out so most of us (those that can understand whatever language you write it in) can try and act it out. That would be far cooler than just furthering your monologue.”


So, yes, we are closed on Friday so that our staff can further their own traditions. Because, traditions are important and every time I even type the word traditions I think about that time in my past life as a thespian where I played Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. If you need a reference, here you go.


For example, in my high school (I lived there) we had a tradition of making all of the first year males run in their underwear from the dorm furthest away from a flagpole to the flagpole and back in the middle of the night and most of the upperclassman would be there too and it was a grand time.


Oh, wait, my school just contacted me and told me that that never happened and it doesn’t happen anymore either.


But, you get the point.


Traditions of trimming a tree, stoking a Yule log, singing carols, they’re all important to do because they simply bring people together and make them all stand close and smell each other and since smell is the strongest trigger for memory we are reminded that love and peace can actually happen because you’re remembering when you were a kid and this time of year is for remembering. Remember also that we love you and that we’ll be closed on Friday but we’ll be open Thursday and Saturday (both days – and nights).


And, if you’re in the gift giving mood, today would be a great day to come on down to Three Penny and pick up that last minute bombshell of a great gift certificate.


That’s really all I got for you folks. I just want you all to know that we really do love you and we all hope that you have a wonderful holiday.



As far as beer is concerned (that’s why you folks come here anyway, right?) here’s what it looks like for our beer lineup leading into our day off:


Rodenbach Caractere Rouge: we talk a lot about IPAs here (India Pale Ales) but we also always have something that isn’t too hoppy for the people who like to lean that way. Well, this is a wonderful sour from Belgiumtown. This Flanders Red was aged on oak with raspberries, cranberries and sour cherries. And we all know what that means. It means your new safe word is “wow.” It’s safe to use that word, that’s what that means.


We also have Hill Farmstead Conduct of Life which is a wonderful American Pale Ale (here he goes again talking about hops) if you like your Pale Ales (American) made with Citra and Amarillo hops. If you don’t then you should try this one because it’s great.


Crop Bistro (soon to be Idlyetime Brewing Company – so you’ve been forewarned) will be switching from their wonderful Oatmeal Stout to their even more betterer Vanilla Porter pretty soon and that made you excited in the past so I figured another mention of it would satisfy you.


Also on pretty soon with be Zero Gravity’s Cascara Brown which, if you like your Brown Ales made with coffee cherries (which is coffee before the roasting process), you’re probably going to have this for the first time because let’s be honest, you don’t see many Brown Ales made with coffee cherries.



There’ll be more than that, I can assure you, but that’s what I like to call a “sneak peek” which is different than a “sneak peak” I can assure you.


Happy Holidays friends,


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