Henry James once either said or wrote, “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” I’d argue Brunch (served from 10-4 EVERY SUNDAY! With awesome Bloody Marys and the menu changes every week and it’s kind of ridiculous) is better since it’s really two words made into an entirely different word to mean something entirely separate from the first intentions but then again, I’m a stickler for efficiency and that just suits my coat a little better. That, and I tend to work a lot so “summer afternoon” basically means making sure that you have a place to go after/during your own celebration of summer afternoons. Which, is why we do what we do. We like you. You’re nice.

When I do get outside it’s generally because of these folks here that make it possible. I love the woods. Sorry, I mean these woods. Damn, I’ll get it right soon. Ok, here we go; I mean these woods. There, that’s it. It’s a picture of Hunger Mountain if you don’t want to click on it. I don’t know why I felt the need to share my love affair of the mountains with you but I think you’re all likeminded enough with me to appreciate the woods and their beautiful surroundings. Plus, I think just quoting Henry James has me thinking about it. Partly due to the fact that I always confuse him with Edward Abbey because, well, doesn’t everyone? Even Maisie knows that.

That’s about all I have for this week so I guess we should talk about beer.

How about Hill Farmstead Edward? We have it back on tap and it’s been a minute since I got to introduce you so why not mouth kiss one?

Burlington Beer’s Chasing Rabbits is almost on, which I’m excited to try. Listed as a Hoppy Wheat Ale I’m pretty sure it’s going to mimic a summer afternoon or something similar.

And then we have Lawson’s Finest & Carrier Roasting Carrier Sessions, which is by far the finest “coffee” beer that I’ve ever tried. I chased the rabbit ears there because I’m not sure what it means to call something a “coffee” beer (I did it again) aside from the fact that the beer has coffee in it. Well, the team of Mr. Lawson and the Carrier guys came up with a pretty solid foundation of an English Dark Mild to accentuate the Kenyan AA that’s used.

Lost Nation’s The Wind is also slated to come on as soon as there’s room for it in the lineup. Yup, we’ll have it on tap. And, yes, that’s their Gose with grapefruit. Yes, it’s very good. Yes, it’ll be serve in a glass. WOW! You ask a lot of questions.

We have others too and I kind of feel like I’m neglecting some of them but oh well, they really weren’t looking my way when I needed someone or thing to look my way. I’m sensitive like that apparently.

My apologies for not being creative this week, apparently I’m sensitive like that as well?

Until next time friends,

This Taproom