Guy Beringer here…


It has announced itself with grave and heavy voice that a situation has been presented that bears fixing and I cannot idly plant my bottom further without pursuing the end to this means.


You see, I frequently spend my Sunday mornings rising later than normal because of my activities from the night before. This may or may not apply to you, lovely elocutionist; I am simply letting you know that that’s what I do. If this paint falls in a familiar format slotted to something that you can relate to and the image is something that you see clearly then you and I will have this in common.


Therefore, I’ve worked closely with the reason that I like to stay out later on Saturdays and wake later on Sundays (it’s called the Three Penny Taproom – it’s in Montpelier, Vermont – you may see me in there from time to time) and we’ve come up with a solution. Well, they came up with the solution after I’d haggled the price of five stone wedges in the shape of Merle Haggard (seemed odd at the time but Mr. Haggard actually looks quite pleasant in that format) to do so.


But, the name of this event is all mine; I came up with it.


I’m calling it (and you should too), “brunch.”


The folks at Three Penny have been doing a version of this for quite some time and calling it “Lunch,” but that needed to stop.


They’ve agreed to open the Kitchen (and subsequent Bar) at 10 o’clockers in the Ante Meridian (the morning time) and serve their delicious wares until 4 o’clockers in the Post Meridian. Now, because I love my Ale we’ve decided that the Bar will remain open later than the Kitchen does. Well, they decided that (full disclosure).


You might be wondering why this change is happening. There might have supposed to be a question mark at the end of that sentence.


Well, firstly, I have a fascination with using two words to make another new word altogether. And that juncture was satisfied quickly since my level of intelligence does not have a ceiling and I’m what some may call a “good with words guy.” Second, you, the customers of which I’ve arranged these words into English so that you may (hopefully – if you, in fact, know the English language) digest this information have asked that they open earlier than Noon on Sundays and that part right there fit the bill for the second part of the necessity. The word you can use for that is “Fitscessity.” See? I’m a word usage genius.


And that should reach my requirements for the time being. I hope you see you there.




Guy Banister



Thanks Guy!


Well, if you need a decoder ring to figure that one out I’ll give you the skinny: we’re now serving BRUNCH on SUNDAYS from 10-4! I thought I was the longwinded one…




Here’s some highlights on the beer side of things that will also go very well with WOMEN’S WORLD CUP SOCCER/FOOTBALL THAT STARTS THIS SATURDAY!!! We’ll be showing every game that we can and for sure those that involve the United States team (another full disclosure moment: We’re rooting for the U.S.) so come on down and support them and also the team that you’re rooting for as well.


I wanted to talk more about the World Cup this week but it was more important to let you know about the whole brunch thing and then this got kind of long and I didn’t want to write a novella today so I put it in CAPITALIZED LETTERS which would lead one to believe that it’s more important that everything else on the page or that I’m shouting but I can assure you everything about that last sentence in partly true 90% of the time.



Ok, I’ll talk about some beer and then let you go (which is how I get off of the phone in the most polite way possible, at least I think it’s the most polite way possible):


Crop Bistro Idletyme Double IPA: Hey look! It’s another amazing Double IPA from Vermont! Why yes it is. And no, there’s no such thing as “too many awesome beers.” That is, unless you’re a nihilist. I’m not sure what a nihilist is so if I just offended someone please blame my ignorance and/or the fact that I type like I think and that’s the first thing that came to mind even though I have almost no idea what I’m actually talking about hence why we have teeth to catch the things that we would say if we just talked without thinking.


Two Roads Worker’s Comp: a very clever name for a Saison (the first person to get back to me about this will get a very detailed explanation of why that’s clever) and a very good version of that style that we all love this time of year as well.


Alpine Duet: yeah, we’ll have this on tap soon.



Ok! I hope you all are having amazing days and I hope to hear from all of you very soon.


All right, I’m going to let you go now…


Emily Postaproom