So, I started watching baseball again.  



(I’m a Phillies fan. My reasoning for watching lasted a short time and then ended a long time ago.)



It reminded me of when my friends and I built a whiffle ball arena (ball field) in our back yard when most of us were living at the Cascade plantation. The idea came about because we had already re-erected a “Slow Children” (“their” horrible use of punctuation, not mine) sign that was at the end of our road. To our knowledge there really wasn’t any children on our road but we thought that the sign was important for people who drove way too fast on that road (the visitors of the residents of the road itself, the residents wouldn’t drive fast on that road) to maybe, you know, slow down a little bit while driving on the road that we don’t own but we do live on. We had re-erected the sign but it had fallen again (snow plows probably – even in the summer) and now it was just sitting there waiting for something to happen. So, the idea was erected that if the sign was allowed to turn one hundred and eighty degrees and if we hammered the sign into the ground it would be at the perfect height to be a strike zone for whiffle ball. It was a good idea so we ran with it.


Next, we “borrowed” snow fencing (the orange kind – of course! It’s my favorite color) and that wheeled thing that you put paint in to make lines on a field. Then, we brought my 1968 Sunn PA system outside and invited everyone that we knew over to play a round-robin tournament of whiffle ball. Fun times were had by all and we even christened the event with a spectacular name: the Fall Classic.


We’re not sure where we’ve heard that before but, well, it stuck.


You know the only thing missing from that day?


A World Series trophy.


Well, some years later we’ve some how procured one. Yes, this is real. (full disclosure: I didn’t write that blog post. Someone far more clever than I and with better computer skills did.)


This SATURDAY from 2-5 in the afternoon we will have a WORLD SERIES TROPHY actually won by the Boston Red Sox so that you can have your picture taken with it. This is serious.


Also serious, we will ALSO HAVE A REAL VINCE LOMBARDI TROPHY won by the New England Patriots.


As you know that we’re fond of fundraisers, this one is actually for the Vermont Food Bank. For a $5 donation to the food bank we will have a professional photographer take a picture of you and whomever you wish next to these trophies. I assure you, they are real.


We will be doing this in the back parking lot (behind our building) and it will be great to have your picture taken in front of or next to either a World Series Trophy or the Vince Lombardi trophy that an American Football team (full disclosure: Go Pats) wins when they win the Super Bowl.


And, it’s all for a good cause going into the winter season (but not yet).





Also on Saturday: we asked our good friend Rob Morse to play some jazz with some of his friends about once a month because jazz is the most American style of music. That’s partly true but Rob plays the bass VERY well and plays jazz on that bass even better. This Saturday (tentative starting time of 11 PM) he will be joined by Parker Shper and Geza Carr and they will be awesome. In the future (always predictable) we will have other people (or, the same) rotating in and around Rob as he sees fit or whoever is available.




Ok, I got to talk about the trophies and jazz, I mentioned silly punctuation errors on signs, (Waldorf and Statler made an appearance – I had to put that there) and now I was going to talk about some of the beers that we have on right now. So, I might as well talk about some of the beers that we have on right now.



We were lucky enough to get some of the 2015 version of the beer that made Milwaukee famous. That’s the first joke I’ve told today. Serious, we have Dry Hopped Saison Dupont on tap right now and if you’re a fan of Saison Dupont then you should probably get in here and drink this because we don’t have much. It’s the legendary Saison, well, dry hopped.


We’ve had Frost Beer Work’s Another IPA on for a second and we’ll be pouring their More IIPA (that’s not a typo – there’s two eyes), which is their double IPA. Judging by their “normal” IPA I think it’s safe to assume that this will be a tasty beast.


Hill Farmstead Foster is about to go on and that’s pretty exciting because it’s been a minute since we’ve had it on tap. It’s a Black Wheat India Ale. I shouldn’t have said it that way. It’s a Wheat India Black Ale, you know, instead of being a Black Wheat IPA because the “P” would be false and that would be a lie and I’m only lying to you once today and I’ve already spent it.


Speaking of Hops (were we?). Soon come you’ll have the opportunity to get to drink Prairie Artisanal’s Prairie Hop which is basically their delicious Saison only hopped a little more for your pleasure.


We’ll also be pouring Ninkasi’s Total Domination IPA pretty soon as well which basically is me continuing on about talking about hops and how they make beer not as sweet as it would be without hops but when you use specific hops they kind of make the beer have a “sweetness” to them.







Ok friends: I hope these aforementioned words found you happy and healthy and I hope to see you and the kids (might be the only time they get to see TWO championship trophies at ONCE) this Saturday to celebrate the accomplishments of the Boston Red Sox and the Greatest American Football team to ever grace the face of the Earth all the while donating money to the worthy cause of the Vermont Food Bank.