Ok, here goes y’all.  

Because of my degree(s) I feel it necessary to go through the good old “Five W’s and one H” partly because I walked past a gentleman yesterday carrying Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style and I hope I referenced that correctly so as to avoid the slap of a ruler against the other side of my palms as is custom for me to replicate upon myself when mistakes are made. So, after a brief introduction we will go into the deep and classically trained world of the most boring yet informative way in which to go over situational needs.




I’ve told y’all about the takeover that we’re doing this Friday (the 19th (Nineteenth)) with our friends from Burial Brewing out of Asheville, North Carolina and Bissell Brothers Brewing out of Portland, Maine and now I’m going to give you the run down on what we’ll have on tap and when.




In this corner:


Weighing in at a combined IQ of 201,087, Bissell Brothers Brewing from the southpaw city, Portland, Maine.


And in this corner:


Weighing in on the situation with their opinions that are always apt and humorous, Burial Brewing from Asheville, North Carolina.




It’s what people used to consider a “tap takeover,” which basically means that the majority of the beers available in a bar for a specific time are generally consistent of a few in not only one brewery. This will be the case. The majority of our taps on Friday (all day long) will be either that of the Bissell Brothers or Burial Brewing.




I’ll be in here like a busy beaver early on Friday morning and late on Thursday night getting everything ready for this and we should have everything on tap right when we open at 11 in the morning. Keep in mind that many of these beers will be limitedly available and it might be best for you to get here as early as you can in order to make sure you get to try the beer that you really want to try. I’ll be holding some beers in reserve so that you’ll be excited even if something goes quickly. But, it’s probably best for me to tell you that we want it available all day so people don’t have to wait around for something to go on because that’s not fair.




I don’t feel like I need to answer this.





Does anyone remember an advertising campaign during the (probably) late 80s, early 90s when a major brand ran the “Why Ask Why, Try…” campaign? Looking back with a more assertive tone that just seems like placation to me.


In this case, you should know that these two breweries make incredible beers. And, we wanted to have them at our spot because they’re our friends and we wanted to introduce you, dear reader(s), to them. That’s why.




How! You good?




Ok, here’s the list:


Burial Brewing –


- Tin Cup Camp Stout: a low alcohol Coffee Milk Stout with Counter Culture Coffee beans.

- Two Prophets Summer Saison: a Saison brewed with Rye and Oats and inundated with local Carolina Peaches. Finished with basil

- Ulfberht Baltic Porter: a dark lager fermented with juniper berries and aged in oak casks for 6 months.

- Surf Wax IPA: the description that Burial sent me had nods to the greatest film ever set to celluloid (THIS ONE) so I asked them to get me two, Utah. Anyway, This is their IPA loaded with Mosaic, Citra, Centennial and Columbus.

- We will also have a couple of cans of their collaboration with Other Half Brewing from Brooklyn of the New York called Prismatic Eye Double IPA, which is a double IPA with NC grown six-row grain and Citra, Summer and Centennial hops.

- The curve ball here that will go on after on of the above kicks will be The Parable of the Sower Herbal Saison, which I’m going to tell you about now because I won’t be able to actually write all of the below on a chalkboard: it’s a Saison that’s fermented on Rooibos tea, sweet orange peel, barberry, golden raisin and Calmyrna figs. So, when you see “Herbal Saison” that’ll be what that means.


Bissell Brothers:


- Substance: their flagship, one of my favorites. It straddles the areas between an American Pale Ale and an IPA, completely fitting both styles yet making it’s own case as the Substance from Bissell Brothers.

- Baby Genius: kind of a “session IPA” with Citra, Ella and Topaz hops.

- Lux: a Rye Pale Ale with Mosaic and Centennial hops.

- Diavoletto: one that I haven’t tried yet and I’m wildly excited for (which reminds me of my friend Andrew because whenever something really cool would happen to us either individually or as a group his reaction was to put his arms in the arm, spin around and yell, “THESE ARE THE PARTY DAYS!!!” much like the Mr. Show skit that I’m not going to link to here because I’m trying to not be inappropriate today) because it’s a beer with great body and flavor yet it stands at a mighty 2.6% ABV.




Couple all of that with the fact that crews from BOTH breweries will be around to give you hugs if they want to (if they want to) and you’re set for an incredible time.



Look what happens when I have a lot to enlarge to show detail for you; there’s more to read.



See you this Friday.