The two breweries that we’re doing a tap takeover with NEXT FRIDAY are:


















And, we’re going to let them duke it out all like this (whoa! Wait! That’s NSFW by the way).






It’s actually Bissell Brothers Brewing hailing from Portland, Maine and Burial Brewing out of Asheville, North Caroline. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that we’ll have 9 (NINE!) of their wares on tap, all at once, intermixed with others, yes, but we’ll have NINE (9!) total from the two breweries. That’s a good amount. And, Burial Brewing hasn’t yet been served in the state (Vermont) so that’ll be great to welcome them into our nice little Hamlet we have here. Both breweries will have some folks here to hang out so you should come down and say hello in the most Vermont way possible. We will have everyone on right when we open at 11 and we have more than one of each so we should have plenty for everyone. I say should in Italian because I can’t predict the future, yet.



I’m planning on doing a “click bait” email next week where I tell you exactly what we’re putting on so, well, I’m a week ahead of myself. I figured next week would be a good time to let you know exactly what we’re putting on so, well, I’m a week ahead of myself.






…anyone else just have déjà vu? Not those guys who play with Neil Young…




It’s gone now.




For now, we’re pretty psyched on the Olympics and if you have someone that you REALLY want to watch, by all means, we’re here to help. Something that would expedite the process is if you look up which channel the event you’d like to watch in a search engine platform along with the name of our cable provider (rhymes with “Erect CDs”) and let us know the number of the channel that it is on. Otherwise I hold rank and we’re going to watch every piece of Ice Hockey (if you’re new here: I like Ice Hockey) that’s being shown.



Also, I touched on it last week but if you feel like spending $15 to get $30 in value along with donating $2 for each sold to the Montpelier Food Pantry I suggest you click on THIS and then do so.





Drinking pleasure time!!!







You can expect the following on tap either right now or very soon leading up to the next time we talk:


- Hill Farmstead Arthur: I like this beer. A lot. It’s one of the best Farmstead™/Farmhouse/Saison beers out there and I’ve been out there and it was not as scary as everyone said it was going to be and now I have trust issues.

- Firestone Walker (oddly enough the name of this brewery always reminds me of people who have their first names and last names that are typically either two first names (generally) or two last names – e.g. George Brett, Charlie Scott, Tywin Lannister, etc. – and I ALWAYS think, man that Firestone must be a nice person because I’ve never met anyone named Firestone that wasn’t a nice person) Luponic Distortion is on tap right now and it’s great. It’s an experimental hop IPA (they don’t release the names of the hops otherwise my cloak wouldn’t be as dark) and it’s from the West Coast and tastes just like an IPA that comes from the West Coast that uses Experimental hops.

- Idletyme Weizen is almost as perfect as you can get and when it’s warm outside it’s almost as perfect as you can get to have around. For those of you that have been searching or waiting (pronounced WAIting) for a hefeweizen then this is your time just like the Goonies.

- Shacksbury Millrace will be on with all of its naturally fermented cider goodness and you’ll be happy.



Usually, this is the point of the email where I think to myself, “self, I think you’re saying too much and I think it’s probably best to leave these nice people alone.”


And this time will be no different.



Cheers to all of your wonderful faces and we’ll see you soon.



USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA! (I know it’s not the Olympics but I really like this tradition and the crowd remains totally silent during the Canadian Anthem – plus, trying to find something that is a group of people chanting “USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!” without it being kinda actually unpatriotic was proving difficult because I didn’t want you to think that I’m unpatriotic)