We should take a quick minute and talk about something that’s in the “distant” future but it’s worth talking about so that you can be absolutely sure that you’re in the area for it. It’s called Peche Day and it’s an opportunity to taste SIX different versions of the eponymous Imperial Coffee Stout Peche Mortel (some won’t be Imperial versions – I’ll be letting you know the specifics coming up but this is just a little “tease” to get you psyched) from our friends at Dieu Du Ciel! in Montreal, the second greatest city in the world.

Oh, yeah, it’s on March the 11th. That’s a Saturday. You don’t have to work that day.

And to talk about some of the beers that you will see on tap this week, we should go over the following:

- Magic Hat Take it for Granite: MC has been making strides as of late to retool or introduce some new products in different formats and make them entirely available only to the state of Vermont. They’re doing one beer a month and putting these beers in select markets to, well, kind of announce themselves. First up is an American IPA that is totally worthy of your attention. Get it while we’ve got it because they’re literally only sending 5 gallons and that’s what we’ve got.

- Hill Farmstead George is on right now and for those of you that make me text you every time that it’s on, consider this my way of blanket texting you without the embarrassing and sometimes frustrating situation where someone keeps replying to a specific person on a group text. I’m looking at you Sebastian. Anyway, American Brown Ale at it’s zenith is what you should know and get while the getting’s good is what you should do.

- Hill Farmstead Self-Reliance #4: speaking of a beer that we don’t have a lot of but we’re really excited about, this is an American Pale Ale made with a portion of Organic Buckwheat. Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve had an American Pale Ale made with Buckwheat so I’m interested as all heck fire to get this in my mouth hole and let it play with my taste buds.

- Zero Gravity Keller: a “kellerbier” is simply an unfiltered and generally dry hopped Pilsner. You may have seen this new iteration in cans in your favorite packie and you may or may not have bought said store out of stock multiple times (sorry) so here’s a chance to try it on tap.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week kids.

Keep on rocking in the free world.