You’re probably going to want to know that we’re doing a later tapping (9 PM – sharpie) of a really cool beer from Allagash, which is hopefully in conjunction with the Industry Folks (those who know, know why those are capitalized) that will be in the area for a completely separate reason.

We’ll be tapping a 2015 version (that we’ve lovingly been aging until precisely this moment (as well as others, more on that soon) of Allagash’s Cuvee d’Industrial, a superb blend of 1-5 year wild ales with some sitting on American Oak and some sitting on French Oak.

Oh, this happens NEXT THURSDAY the 30th of March at NINE in the EVENING, but I wanted to give you a heads about it.

Some other things that get me up in the morning:

- I just put on a beer that will change the way your day is going for the better. I squirreled away (I think way back in 2011) a 2010 version of De Struise’s Pannepot Reserva. If you’re unfamiliar with this beer it can best be described as a 10% Belgian Strong that’s about the best you’re ever going to have. And, it’s drinking mighty fine at the moment.

- Oxbow (one of our favorite breweries from a wicked tiny town in Maine) Space Cowboy is on (you’re going to see, with the changing season, more and more Saisons and the like coming onto the board(s) and you’re going to be pleased), which is what can be called a Biere Du Pays in its’ stylistic definition. What those words mean is “Country Beer.” It’s a beer made to be drank in the Saison style with lower alcohol and a nice subtle character.

- I also secured a good amount of Zero Gravity’s Little Wolf for draft. And (and I think you’ll agree) we’re keeping it priced below what it should be, solely for your benefit. This incredible American Pale Ale is basically the perfect companion. You know, it’s the one that you’ve been getting in those awesome blue cans (or maybe I’ve been the one buying the store out of them?). It’s on draft now.

That should be enough to get you out of the house into the great wide open prairie and then coming down to Three Penny for a lovely time with great people and perfect offerings.

Until then, cheers!

The Three Penny Taproom, USA


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