Call me crazy, (for anyone who reads the rest of this email and gets the reference that I’ve just laid forth, you win my “extra specially person of the week” badge and your name will be drawn and quartered from a hat that I like to wear and you will be (if selected) awarded your very own “Dog Who Licked the Washcloth With Ice-9 on It” (another reference) keychain) but I love music. This Saturday will be yet another installment of our “Let Rob Morse Assemble an Amazing Group of Jazz Musicians and Set Fire to Your Ears in a Good Way” series of Jazz concerts that we do mostly on Saturdays. Which, got me into thinking about Jazz again and, rather than go on and on again about how, as a child, I was turned on to Jazz more than any other form of music for some reason. So, that got me thinking in a different avenue about “standards” and other forms of folkloric forms of “cover” songs although they’re not really “covers” when one plays a “standard.” That’s why everyone learns them; they’re called “standards.”  

Therefore, I have a two part (I guess three if you got the reference above and it’ll make sense with the second part called “Part Two” if you do) challenge for you all this week, of which I will outline here:


Part One: Cover Songs.


There are those songs that are out there that weren’t written by the people performing them but those that are actually performing them are doing quite well by the standard of the song’s origin. By that I mean, well…


THIS (weird video but the only one I could find) song was written by THIS guy.


However, THIS version by THIS guy is (in my humble opinion) as good as the original, albeit a different interpretation.


That’s just the first I came up with.


Because THIS version of THIS man’s song was actually agreed upon by that guy who wrote it that it was better than the original version and he should know, he wrote it.


We could get all sorts of deep and go with THIS one versus THIS one (digging deep).


But I think you get the idea. What covers are worthy of their own standing?


I recently heard THIS cover of THIS GUY’S song and thought it was quite good. Also, THIS is pretty good.


As a musician myself I find it hard to cover certain bands/people because I have this feeling that they played it better than anyone else could and there’s no real way to go up with the song, it’s already at it’s zenith. That’s why if I ever have to cover The Beatles (with an “A!”), I rarely will sing it, I’ll just play the song instrumentally.


So what say you?


I’m leaving this wide open to Jeff Buckley’s version of Cohen’s “Halleluiah.”



Part Two – Cat’s Cradle:


Ok, this whole thing was supposed to be (according to the Oracle) about the world’s longest played game of cat’s cradle. However, the only thing I know about this game AT ALL is that it’s a book by a writer with whom I have a lot of respect. There’s the key to winning that first reference. Will someone teach me this game?


I’ve done what I normally do when I don’t know something (I research the heckfire out of it until either it or I give up and I’m a Taurus so the former happens before the latter in all occurrences) but after watching four videos on how to do this I have still no idea how to do it. So, as the saying goes, “when the student is ready the teacher will present themselves.” Well, I think I’m ready.



Part Two Sub A – What you really want to read about:


Ok, I’ll step away from being inside my own head to let you all know about some things we’ve got coming up soon.


NEXT SATURDAY (the 27th of February) we’re hosting Dieu Du Ciel’s Peche Day. It’s a big deal. We’re your go to spot in Vermont to get all 6 (SIX!) versions of their incredible Imperial Coffee stout. So, in talking about beer today, here is the list of what we’re going to have on just for you, the one reading:


  • Peche Mortel Original: 9.5% ABV. This is the “Original.”
  • Peche Mortel Dry: 10% ABV. A drier and more alcoholic version of Peche with even more so pronounced tastes from the roasted barley and full coffee flavor.
  • Peche Mortel Special 2016: 9.9% ABV. This is the original Peche but with different styles of coffee being added. This year’s new varietal is a bean from Kenya named M’Beguka.
  • Peche Mortel Bourbon: 9.5% ABV. Six months minimum aged in Bourbon barrels.
  • Peche Veniel: 6.5% ABV. A lighter version of the standard but a full bodied stout nonetheless. Also, it uses a different varietal of coffee than the original, this year being a lightly roasted Columbian from Ignacio Quintero.
  • Peche aux Peches (or Peach Peche): 9.5% ABV. Because most people mistake the word “Peche” to mean “peach” when it actually means “Sin,” the good Dieu Du Ciel! folks went ahead and made it all together for you so that you can be correct no matter what you think it means.



Yes, all of these will be on next Saturday, which is a week after we have our monthly dose of Jazz.


We will have other beer on tap if that’s not really your bag but it stands to be mentioned all of the different varietals so that you know ahead of time.





Then I leave it to you to think of one for all this. (that’s another hint)





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