Aside from our continuing on-slaught of amazing new beers on draft (hellllloooo Victory Hop-Wollap, Flying Dog Raging Bitch, and Ommagang Three Philosophers) we've got a few fun events coming up.  First off, Thursday January 28th we'll be welcoming the owner and brewers of Smuttynose Brewing into the house, complete with a fresh cask of their barrel-aged Imperial Stout!  And for those of you who like to plan ahead, February 4th will see Brooklyn Brewing throw-down a night of great beer drinking (with rumors of a special cask heading our way for that one, too) and later in February we'll be welcoming the really creative folks from Cisco Brewing of Nantucket.  Along the way, we'll be doing a really fun and exciting beer, cheese, and chocolate tasting on Valentine's Day.  Also, we've been selected as one of several locations throughout the state where supporters of gubernatorial candidate Doug Racine will gather on Saturday, January 23 from 3:00-5:00 to officially "launch" his campaign and hear a live, video feed of his stump speech (though I do feel inclined to note that this is in no way about us endorsing him or any other candidate- still, I for one take the fact that his campaign chose the best spot in VT to get a beer as a sign of some really, really good judgement on Mr Racine's part). Until next time, Cheers!