We’re going to be CLOSED this Sunday the 6th because we wanted to get the staff together all in one room and let them know how awesome they are and how much they are appreciated. And, then we’re going to put them to work and deep clean the place. It’s a blast.


That all being said…


I’m not one to stand on a soapbox (I’ve been looking for an actual soapbox for quite some time simply to carry around the cumbersome wooden crate (I’m imagining that it’s made of wood and probably has the words “soap” on the outside, hence the proclamation of said box being specifically created to carry said products) and place it on the ground whenever I feel like I have important news for the world to hear and I’m at present eschewing social media) but I do have something that I think is important to say in regards to the time in between us talking today and next week.



You really should vote.



It doesn’t really matter to me which color you fly on your flag or which issue requires the most tissues for you, what matters is the act of voting. In a world where we can all get caught up in bumping into poles while looking down at technological advances, it’s important as members of this society to fill out those little ovals as best you can and then come get a drink to toast the looming apocalypse. I’m kidding about that last part for the most part. I’m totally not kidding about getting a beverage after you vote, the two go hand in hand. That’s why there’s so many legislative people that come in after their day is done. There’s a lot of politicking that goes on here and you can be a part of it. Although, you probably shouldn’t bring up politics to anyone here, it’s like walking into a room of doctors trying to relax after their long days and randomly selecting one of them to look at that weird patch on your back. But, you can swim in the warm glow that is your votes in action. That’s worth the price of admission alone.


In short, go vote, please.



And here’s your reward when you return to us:


- Four Quarters Little Umbrellas: how about a sour ale made with coconut and pineapple? Ok. That was an odd request but I think we can manage.


- Hill Farmstead Harlan: we all know him and we all love him. Cast your vote for this incredible IPA.


- Hermit Thush Brattleberry: a sour pale ale made with apples and aged with raspberries. No capitalization was needed in that previous sentence.


- Lawson’s Finest Big Hoppy: I love it when people specifically request Black IPAS (or India Black Ales – get it? The Black replaces the Pale in India PALE Ale) and we have this one on so’s I can say, yes, and it’s good.



And others and others.



Until the next we lay eyes upon each other,