[All said in Howard Cosell’s voice – or at least attempted]  

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, fans of all ages reading this live as I am typing it. This just may go down as the greatest thing you’ve ever been apart of in your entire lives. Never before has such a complete and powerful contender been put up in wits against another to battle for infamy and praise. The winner, no matter who shall gain that title, will have fought through the razor weeds to combat the enemy and will be victorious in all eyes that shine upon them.


A bracket, a simple display of lines on a sheet of paper, a seemingly simple act is before you. The battles that will take place are entirely up to your decisions and may just be some of the most pivotal of your young lives.


Arrogant, pompous, obnoxious, vain, cruel, verbose, a showoff. There’s no question that I’m all of these things.



But, that shouldn’t stop you from voting in Seven Days’ Vermont Brew Bracket. Sponsored and endorsed by yours truly, this year should stand up tall in the ring as the greatest to ever compete in the game. Play along at home while we watch the action unfold.



[End Howard Cosell’s voice because no one can do it better than Billy Crystal.]




[Exhales deeply – that was tough he thinks to himself or herself I or we don’t judge.]




So that’s the deal with the 2015 Seven Days’ Vermont Brew Bracket. You should do it because I just did and it was great, fantastic even. It’s already in full swing so you’re already missing out on a couple of things but better late than never my dog always says.




On to the beer; this could or could not be what we may or may not have on tap really soon:


Zero Gravity Whole Lotta Lov (they didn’t send the “e” along – got lost in translation – also, the “Lov” is short for “Lovibond”): You put cream/milk in your coffee right? Well, that’s probably what someone thought about when they made the first Milk/Cream Stout. It’s better than that first person who ever ate an oyster. I don’t know what that means. So, this is a Milk Stout from Zero Gravity and it tastes super good.


Green Flash Soul Style: this brewery is known for doing these over-the-top hoppy beers that are very hoppy and yet also over said tops. Well, they hold back the reigns on this one and make a balanced, citrusy “East Coast” style IPA. That’s what I had to tell you about this beer.


Citizen Cider Dirty Mayor: so you can stop asking us to bring it back in. I’m kidding. I love you. It will also love you back with its gingery ciderness. I have a trick up my sleeve from Citizens that I’ll tell you about next week as well you pretty little pet.


Hill Farmstead Abner is a tasty tasty beer made with little unicorns and magic. I’m kidding about the unicorns.








The only reason that I did the whole Howard Cosell thing is because it’s his birthday today. So, a very Happy Birthday to him.



And a very Happy Wednesday to you!!!






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