Wednesday Noon Class:


Warm up:


-       Arm stretch (across chest)

-       Heels to the Floor/ Palms in the Air

-       BREATHE!

-       Heels to butt/ Arms out

-       Jack Attacks





-       We here, in our community, are proponents that a good life is congruent with a healthy life. In order to find balance with all of that Craft Beer that you love it’s necessary to get a good amount of exercise. There’s a place in town that specializes in helping achieve that balance with a number of different classes and styles of workouts that fit just about everyone’s needs. To top it all off, the name of the place is called Zenith and that’s just the tops (pun intended).

-       Seriously, we have some pretty close friends that run the studio and well, we’re hoping that by opening our doors to the community that loves them as much as we do we can help them out in their current time of need.

-       So, next Tuesday (June 3rd), we will be donating 10% of our bar sales to Studio Zenith. I implore all of you to come on down and show your support to this great and vital part of our community as I’m sure there’s going to be, at any given time, at least ten people that are in here that either teach or take classes at the studio and would like to keep it running (pun intended).



- 10 Burpees

- 13 Hill Climbers

- 10 Burpees

- Window Washers (30 Second Intervals/ 4 minutes total)

- 10 Burpees

- Kettlebell Swings (2 Minutes)

- 10 Burpees

- Punch and crunch 10/10 reps

- 10 Burpees

- iso-metric holds 10/10 seconds

- 10 Burpees

- Overhead raise/alternating knees to chest 10 reps

- 10 Burpees

- Seated side to side 30 seconds

- 10 Burpees

- 2 handed squat 5 reps

- 10 Burpees

- 1 handed swing 5 reps

- 10 Burpees

- Press 5 reps

- 10 Burpees

- Snatch 5 reps



Cool Down:


-       All that said and done, we’ll have some pretty tasty Craft Beer waiting for you when you get here. Some of the deliciousness includes:

-       Zero Gravity Bach Nein: When the folks up at the ZG are pumping out lagers, specifically Bocks, they don’t mess around. This is one of the truest to form Mai Bocks that you’re going to find with a nice malty balance and crisp finish.

-       Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine: it’s really good. Trust me on this one.

-       Hill Farmstead Everett: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the best American Porter that this guy has ever had.

-       Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne: a fantastic Flanders Red ale that has a smooth tart goodness.



And, of course, many more to quench your post workout thirsts.


Now go shower off and get in here.


Jack LaTaproom