Montbeerlier is next weekend. Technically, it’s next Saturday, the 2nd of May but well, that’s close enough to next weekend (if you want to get technical, it IS in the middle of the weekend after this one). Let that sink in for a second (some would say you should “marinate” on that for a moment (especially if you listen to this song on the regular as I do since I remind you of a brown stallion horse with skates on, you know?).  


You have just one week and three days to wait until you fill your mouths with awesome cask beer (stay tuned for teasers), amazing sandwiches that will include sausage and well, some killer live music to boot.



Next Saturday. Not this one. Next one.




Plan on coming friends.







I almost just ended the conversation there. That’s about what I have to relay to you. However, I know it’s going to be a little early but I should start letting you know when my birthday is since I got a bunch of slack for letting you know that it was both Christsonthy George Kerner’s and Rybo’s birthdays last week.



It's May the Eleventh.





That’s one day after we’re hosting our first Txotx (I’m not really going to go into how to pronounce that. It’s like starting to say the word “Chachi” without the “-Chi” and you do this little guttural click of sorts that ends the word – when I was living in Spain I probably could have explained this better but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away).


A Txotx is a traditional Basque celebration for that years’ cider. Typically, the cider maker would open their house and invited people in and put a hole into a cask and then people would walk up to it and fill their glasses on an angle from the hole that has been put in the cask (it’s a smallish hole). There’s also traditional foods like cod omelets and steak. Well, we’re doing that stuff, including the cask. That’s on May the 10th (remember, the day before my birthday) and we’re going to kick it off at 6:30 or so and tickets are $40 and you should sign up because there’s only 30 seats that we can put you in so sign up soon.



Just so our friends from the Basque Country do not feel left out (we totally don’t want that to happen) – here’s the aforementioned in their native tongue. Keep in mind that it’s been years since I’ve written in this language so my tenses might need a little honing.



Txotx A urte ' sagardoa euskal ospakizun tradizionala da. Normalean, cidermaker beren etxea zabalduko litzateke, eta jendea gonbidatu eta zulo bat jarri upel batean eta orduan jendea oinez litzateke sortu da eta bete euren betaurreko izan dela upelean jarri zuloa angelu bat (smallish zulo bat da). Ez da, gainera bakailao omelets eta xerra bezalako elikagai tradizionalak . Beno, gauza hori egiten ari gara , upel barne. Hori maiatzaren on 10ean (gogoratu, nire urtebetetzea bezperan) eta ari gara jaurtitzeko off 6:30 edo, hala berean, eta saioa hasi behar duzu eserleku 30 bakarrik ez delako ez duzula jarri ahal izango dugu , beraz, joan sarrerak $ 40 dira saioa hasi eta lasterren.







Here’s some of the beers that you might see on tap or you might not because you missed it or something:



  • Zero Gravity Little Wolf: there’s something I love about a 4.7% ABV American Pale Ale made with Oats and Citra hops. When I can pinpoint that fact, I’ll let you know. But, for now, enjoy this with me.
  • Hill Farmstead Mary: if you know anything about me and my preference on which beer style I enjoy more than the others (although when people ask me what my favorite beer is I love saying, “The next one” but all I really want to do is tell them that there was this time that I was on the back of a bus in the hills of Slovakia drinking a Czech Pils out of a can when I thought to myself, “this is the best beer that I’ve ever had.”) Well, I love Pilsners. I also love Hill Farmstead’s beers. I booked my ticket yesterday (in my voice you have to hear that as “Yestaday”).
  • I don’t even know why I’m writing this but we got some more Focal Banger on Monday and well, there might still be some left. Don’t hold me to this at all. It could be gone. It’s probably better if you check yourself (NSFW – HEY! I just learned what that means! I’m all technologically awesome now!).




That’s the deal kittens.



Turns out if you tell me to be “brief” and just “stick to the facts” as I was asked to do for this weeks email well, you don’t get “either.” Besides, this is the only time all week that I talk. So, thanks for listening.






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