This is this week’s soundtrack (at least to start). My vision and intention and struggle and aim and design and objective and hope and impulse and point and plan and purpose and motive and animus and drift and end and designation is that you’ll put that song on while you’re reading the rest of this weekly chat that we get to have. I’ve taken the liberty to time the reading of this email to match the exact length of the song. That is, unless you’re like me and can read fourteen words every other nanosecond, then you’ll be able to have some sort of “exit” music as well.  


I don’t have much for you this week except for thanking you from the bottom of our very tired hearts for what a great turnout this year’s Montbeerlier was this past Saturday. You seemed to really enjoy yourselves and that was our intention and struggle and aim and design and objective and hope and impulse and point and plan and purpose and motive and animus and drift and end and designation so I guess we can all just call it a success.



Another success is small farms, no? We here (in Vermont and you should too) like food. We love the farmers that toil over the “dirty work” to make the food that we like to eat so much. This Thursday (that’s tomorrow!!!) we’re going to do what we can to help out these fine people and do at least some sort of small part in being collectively awesome together. This Thursday is Small Farm Day and there’s a whole bunch of great things going on over at the state house where you can have conversations with your legistlators and all of that jazz. To learn more about the day’s fesitivities, just click here and you’ll learn yourself on all of that. The part that we’re playing is the fact that we’re donating 10% of BAR SALES FROM THE ENTIRE DAY to Rural Vermont, the organization that’s behind all of this. Learn more about them here.



Thirdly, I just wanted to remind you that we will be closing early (right at 5 when our food service ends) this Sunday (The 10th, it’s Mother’s Day) so that we can hold our Txotx event with lovely Basque ciders and celebratory tidings.


Fourthensteins, I made two new friends yesterday and I think it would be great if I mentioned that here. Andrew and his friend Cameron are doing The Walk For Thought on May 30th at Oakledge Park in Burlington and they would love your support in any way that you can help. The event is to raise money and awareness for the Brain Injury Association of Vermont. Andrew is an infectious and great guy and I couldn’t help but mention that all here. So, if you can help him out a little, you can go to this website and go about that business. It really is a great cause.



Fifthstuff, as far as beer is concerned we still have a couple of dandies left over from our celebration last weekend so keep your eyes peeled here to find out what’s on tap as up to date as I possibly can keep it. That’s the best way to do it.



I’m still waiting on someone to email me ( and let me know what you’d like me to write about. Like, give me a theme or something. Or, just say “Hi.”






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Post Script which should have been a Pre Script but I’m pretty sure that’s not really a thing: Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and without all of your love and support we wouldn’t have turned out to be such awesome Sons/Daughters that we hope you’re proud of and all. So, cheers to the Moms!