[Editor’s Note: because of what some folks saw as “inclement weather” yesterday we decided to postpone our event for the striking Fairpoint workers (technically to the striker’s fund, which is set up to aid the workers and their families) to NEXT WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 17th (a week from today – I’ll remind you next week). 10% of all of our bar sales for the day will go to the workers and their families. It’s an all day thing so don’t rush but be sure to show your support. End of Editor’s Note.]  


Since we (you and I, dear reader) are so into causes and supporting people as of late I felt it only necessary to continue on that trail with good shoes on and discuss two more causes that came up in daily conversation so that you know about them and so that if you choose, you can help support them as well. Don’t worry, at some point (as I promised last week – I guess I lied to you (totally unintentional)) I’ll get back to being funny (as IF) but for this week there’s some (aforementioned) things that you might be interested in.



Firstly, you might like beer.



You also might like people.



And, food.



And, helping people get food while there’s a chance that you might get beer.







It’s TRUE!



There’s some good folks around the parts that are trying to raise money for the Waterbury Food Shelf and they’re putting together a fundraiser that ultimately gets you an opportunity to win beer (while helping your fellow humans in the process). It all culminates with a Disc Golf tournament (you knew that was coming) where you can get your booty (another word for treasure).


Here’s the link to all the stuff you’ll need to know about the things:


This is the link.




The next thing that you should be aware of as of late is a friend of ours, Newton Baker, is about to run across the country. Are you about to do that? Neither am I. But, I’m going to keep a close eye on his journey across the great lands of the free and I was thinking, “Hey! You! Kevin! It’s me, your thought process. Remember me? Well, why don’t you mention Newton in this weeks email and give a link to his blog so the good people of the Yukon (that’s you: my thought process thinks we still live in Teslin) can access it if they so choose.”


I don’t always do what my thought process tells me to but, just this once, I’ll let him dance.


Here’s the link that we keep talking about:


This one right here.





On to the beer shall we?



Firstly, we can transition nicely (I LOVE good transitions) into talking about the Allagash Curieux that I have slated to go on really soon. How is this a transition? It’s Newton’s favorite and he loves hounding the bartenders when he’s in about it. So, I promised to put it on tap before he goes on his journey. There you go.


We should also talk about the Hill Farmstead Double Citra that will be gracing the taps soon as well. That’s about all we really need to talk about it since that beer does enough of the talking for itself.


And that 2011 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout? We should probably talk about that too right after we talk about why you got home so late last night…










[rolls eyes]



O – K – I guess we’ll go back to talking about the Zero Gravity Narconaut? Their Black IPA which is kind of a weird thing in my brain (the other part) since “IPA” stands for India PALE Ale and the Narconaut is BLACK so it really should read India BLACK Ale or IBA? Can we talk about that?



Well, now you’re mad.




I’m just going to go away then and maybe come back later (not TOO late) and see if everything is still good in your hood.




Cheers friends!



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