“I’ve never met a [taproom] [we’d] rather be. And even if that’s a delusion, it’s a lucky one.”


You may notice a couple of things around the taproom as of late that are either facets of something we used to do or they’re different from what you’re used to seeing. Well, we’re all going to shave our beards off.


I’m kidding. We’re not all even capable of growing facial hair in the first place so asking someone to shave for no reason is futile and redundant.


What I am talking about, however, is the menus on the tables and on the bar and on the windowsills and in your hands as you read this on your really smart telephone. I see you.


This is what we’re going to do:


This is the time of year that the freshy fresh produce is flowing through our doorways like a flood of goodness so we’re going to grab two of everything and let you bask in the glory. That means, having a set menu would just limit what we could do for you (and what we do is ALL for you).


So, what we’re going to do is go BACK to using the clipboard menus so that we can move FORWARD to delivering you unique and interesting offerings on a daily basis. It’s all about choice folks and you’re about to experience the same level of complexity that we put into our tap list and bottle list only we’re going to generate that energy towards the food as well.


Don’t fret pets, your classics and mainstays will all stay the same; we’re just going to let the kitchen play on a regular basis.


What should you expect?


Well, today we have a deviled ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickles on Rye bread. We also have a tabbouleh and grilled halloumi cheese salad. Will they be there tomorrow? Will you still love me tomorrow? Maybe and I sure hope so.


So, keep your eyes peeled (don’t do that. That would be painful. Just keep your eye out. On second thought, don’t do that either. Keep your eyes where they are. I like your eyes.). It’s all good and it’s all fresh.


You’ll notice that by now, I haven’t even made the slightest mention of beer. It took a lot to do that. But, well, this weekend (Memorial Day), there’s a lot of good beer out there. And, there’ll be a LOT of good beer here as well. I’m not one to tell stories out of school but I can (if you pinky swear [reaches the smallest finger on his hand out as in, “pinky swear on this”]) tell you that we’ll have some special offerings that won’t distract festivities but it’ll sure give you another place to be.


Because, after all, what matters most is how well you walk through the fire and we’re made of water socks.


Cheers Friends,


H. Chinaski Taproom