You are all a bunch of geniuses. Truly. I’ve been hearing the commotion around town and on the interwebs that you’re all planning on being here for our first annual Oktoberfest (I says Octo-Beer-Fest – but that’s partly because I simply love the spelling of Octopus as well as Beer as well as Fests) and I can’t tell you enough how intelligent a decision that is from where I’m sitting. This is all coming from the fact that I just had a pretzel. Yes, I just ate a pretzel for breakfast (moving right along foot loose and fancy free). You see, the kitchen has perfected the Philly style pretzel for this Saturday and Asa and Nina have truly outdone themselves. They’re so authentic that we’re even looking into renting/borrowing a shopping cart and lining it with tin foil (those who know will know). Combine this with the sausage and kraut sandwiches and well, I even forgot to mention that there will be beer there. SO, this Saturday, 2 o’clock in the afternoon until 9 o’clock in the evening we’ll be serving you these things (including the beer). You might want to dress warmly OR, cuddle with each other. It’s entirely up to you. I, myself, am deciding on cuddling with a sausage in one hand pretzel in the other combo with a side of beer. But, that’s just me. Check out our Facey and Twitt places for a couple of teasers leading up to the event. I’ve lined up a good amount of authentic German beers to celebrate the last Farmer’s Market of the year (outside anyway – and yes, we’re also celebrating Autumn and the presence of Winter as well).


And, just know that it’s OK to stay out a little later since this Sunday, the day after Oktoberfest and the 27th of October, we will CLOSE our doors to the public. We, the staff (although we call ourselves the Pennies), are going to take the opportunity to get together as a group and do the things we can’t do while we’re open. So, please take the necessary precautions regarding this closing and make sure you hit us up on Saturday.


Now Batting (batting batting batting) number 9 (9 9 9 9), Beer (beer beer beer beer):


(that was supposed to be a reference to whomever is excited for Game 1 of the World Series this evening – we will of course be showing all of those games regardless of who you root for but, judging by our demographic, I’d be willing to bet there’s a lot of Red in here (get it? Both teams have red in their colors! Ha Ha)…moving right along footloose and fancy free)


Here’s what we’ve lined up for you this week and leading into the next week after this week:


-          Hill Farmstead Holger Danske: Smoke/Brown/Ale/Better get in here soon because it won’t last long and it’s on right now and boy oh boy is it good.

-          The Bruery Autumn Maple: probably the closest thing we’ll ever have to a beer that’s made with pumpkins. I say that because it was made with a ridiculous amount of yams. And, maple syrup and a bunch of really nice spices and it’s a perfect autumn drink, hence the name.

-          Zero Gravity Leroy Brown: we have so many fans of the American Brown Ale category here it’s always a treat to introduce them to a new friend. This new friend is tasty.

-          Lost Nation Oktoberfest: we’ve procured a good amount of this amazingly perfect representation of the style and will be pouring for inside and out over the weekend. I’m thinking about putting it on today (or closely relating to today) to help celebrate the Fall Classic.

-          Hill Farmstead Twilight of the Idols: I just thought I’d slide that in there. Now, I’m standing on third and wiping the dirt from my pants and making sure that I didn’t get any in my belt. Time Out.

-          Dieu Du Ciel! Peche Mortel: Home Run, trotting to the dugout now…an Imperial Stout made with coffee.


Alright folks! We’ll see you this afternoon/evening/tomorrow/today/Saturday/Not Sunday.


We Love You and We Mean It.




Three (three three three) Penny (penny penny penny) TAPROOOOOOOOOOOOOM! (ooom ooom ooom)