Good Day to your faces! As a little bit of inspiration for the “how am I going to start this week’s weekly (redundant) blast to let all of the good people know about what’s going on here at the taproom” I instantly turned to my friend Google and typed in the first word that came to mind. Which was very interesting because I was also trolling the beers that we will be featuring shortly. One of those beers is Mr. Lawson’s of Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ Chinooker’d American IPA. Which led me to not need Mr. Google at all. You see, Chinooker’d led my mind to Nanook of the North which made my hands cold and then I thought about self-sufficient isolation which (obviously) led my mind to Dick Proenneke which (by all means of good decency) led my mind to blueberry pancakes.


Who’s hungry now?


Well, you should probably come on down here and get a taste of the new menu! I’ve had the pleasure of tasting most of the new menu and I really must say that the kitchen is working on an entirely new gear right now. It’s like a bunch of sets of hands all doing the same task, it’s just clicking. So, while some of your favorites are still around (and some that are wearing different clothes), the new kids on the block will knock your socks off!


Speaking of socks (not really but I’m a stickler for transitions) we figured it was time to start letting you all know what you’re doing on OCTOBER 26th. You’re coming to our first annual (redundant) OCTOBEERFEST! That is correct. You know that really fun party that we throw every May to say thanks for letting us stick around for one more year? Well, we decided that it would be really cool to pour a bunch of Oktoberfest style beers (from Lost Nation Brewery, no doubt! And, some German favoritos), sling a good amount of sausages and maybe even have an Oompa band. We ARE having an Oompa band play, there’s no maybe there. I’m sure we’ll see you there. It’ll be great to see you.


That said, friends, I’m delaying too long as it is to talk about beer. So, here’s some snapshots of our lineup coming up or already on:

-          The aforementioned Mr. Lawson’s Chinooker’d IPA: intensely hoppy American IPA. So, so, so good.

-          Smuttynose Rhye IPA: this is what happens when brewers play. They took their staple (Finest Kind), added some Rye malt for its spiciness and then dry hopped the hockey sticks out of it. A beautiful friend.

-          Hill Farmstead Walden: we were lucky to get some more of this amazing American Blonde and we will love watching your faces while you crush it.

-          Mystic Saison Renaud: truly a wonder of nature. A beautiful take on the Saison style. A bit on the rustic style but more on the “wow that’s good” styyyyyyle.

-          Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial: good on the wood. It’ll look like a brown ale. Do NOT let that fool you. You’ve been warned about the excellence that will happen in your mouth.

-          Founders Mango Manifico con Calor: hey, you over there…I was wondering if you’d give me a beer that’s made with mangos and Michigan grown habaneros. Your wish in my command.


Alright folks! As always, we’ll be receiving some dandies from your favoritest of favorites and we’ll be nice and share. That’s what we do, we share with you.


And now I have Frank Zappa stuck in my head…you too?


Watch out where the huskies go,


Three Penny of the North