[Walking. Walking. Walking. Walking. Left foot looks weird as it plants its sole, try to push more with the left toes. Right foot. Left foot. Good job. Remember, eye contact with strangers. There’s one. They’re approaching. You know them. They are familiar so calm down. They have just greeted you. Respond now.]


Hey. How’s it going?


[Wait for a response and/or similar question]


Cool, good to hear. I’m glad you’re doing well.


[Pause to allow the other person to speak if it pleases them]


What am I up to? Well, you know, just plugging away, trying to get Montbeerlier next Saturday all squared away so that it’ll be the greatest thing you’ve ever experienced.


[They’re really not sure what Montbeerlier is all about, you can tell by the look on their face. They’re trying to be nice about it but maybe you should provide a description. And now they just asked what Montbeerlier is all about; here’s your cue.]


Well, do you have a dictionary handy?


[Fortunately, you’re speaking to someone who actually carries around a pocket dictionary, lucky you.]


Let’s see here. Montbeerlier. Montbeerlier. Montbeerlier. Montbeerlier. M. M. M. M. Oh here it is. Nope, that’s the J’s. Says here a Joppa is a large cat. I never knew that. Anyway, here it is, Montbeerlier.


It says Noun, pronounced “Mont – BEER – Lee – er” with the definition: Montbeerlier is a annual cask and beer festival put on by the Three Penny Taproom to celebrate with their customers for another year of business. The Three Penny takes over the back parking lot (in between their back door and Onion River Sports) and serves rare casks and house made sausages while bands play and people smile.


[Hand back the dictionary.]


[They don’t follow.]


Don’t follow?


It’s really fun actually. We close down the back parking lot, we have music which this year is the Mad Mountain Scramblers who are just plain awesome, we have selected casks from all over the place and we make sausage hoagies, I mean grinders and we have some grinders, I mean hoagies for the vegetarian folks as well. Plus, this year we made a collaboration beer with Lost Nation Brewing Company out of Morrisville and it’s tasting great! We’ll be pouring that all day, well from 3 post meridian until 9 post meridian AND we’ll be doing this thing that’s called “stacking the lines” inside which is basically just us putting together an insane draft list for the day. It’s a great time and you should totally come.


[They asked you a question, but they mumbled.]


What’s that?


[They want to know what you have on tap right now.]


Oh! Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Right now? Hmmm. Well, right now we have the Jack’s Abby Cascadian Schwarzbier which is super lovely. It’s a hoppy dark lager and it beautifully skirts the line between a refreshing beer and a hoppy brown one. Oh, and coming up soon is Hill Farmstead’s Excusions #1 which is an IPA that uses an experimental hop from the pacific northwest as well as some other American gems. We’re super psyched to tap that. And, because I know you love it, we put Allagash’s Curieux back on tap. We know you love that bourbon barrel aged Belgian style tripel and all of its good stuff. There’s a lot more, as you know, but those just kind of jumped out at me.


[They want to know what you’re going to have on tap for Montbeelier.]   


Um, well, I can’t really tell you exactly what’s going to be on tap. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.


[They need reminding about the time and date of Montbeerlier.]


It’s next Saturday, May 3rd, from 3-9 PM. But, the Taproom will be open as normal starting at Noon.


[They thanked you and wished you a good day.]


And a good day to you too!!!


[Get back to work.]



Cheers Friends – I just wanted to give you all the double heads up on Montbeelier next Saturday and all. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day/evening/night!


Lev Vygotsky Taproom