I attempted to start off this blast with the phrase “Riding the Winds of Change” since we’re about to have a lot of different beers on tap (in our ever changing format) and it seemed a little poetic for a Wednesday so I was going to go for it. But, seems that wherever that phrase came from (maybe I made it up?) it’s now associated with Pokemon. Since I have absolutely no reference that I could make between Pokemon and what we do here at your favorite little taproom and ours, I decided to make mention of it so that my reference was at least covered in part when the Intellectual Property lawyers decide to give me a call. Let’s ride that wind, shall we?


Firstly, our new menu is fast approaching. It’s going to be incredibly epic. I’m not going to go ahead and tell you the ENTIRE menu (I don’t want our current menu getting all jealous and such) but, let’s just say that the Curried Lentil Soup is ridiculous. Oh, that Sausage Grinder, that Risotto, that Beet-Cured Salmon? Yup. Some of your favorites will remain (Burger – I don’t think that’s going anywhere…BUT, when tomatoes aren’t in season anymore we WILL have a tomato jam in its replace) but they may not look the same as they do now. So, if you’ve grown attached to an item or seven on our menu right now, I would implore you to get in here and eat them. Oh, and if you haven’t been here for recent Beer Drinker’s Lunches on Sundays, you’re missing out. The Kitchen puts out some stuff that you just stare at in disbelief. Really and truly.


It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game: What’s New With Beer! <Applause>


Thanks for asking Johnny. Well, let’s just see what we have in store for you, coming up or already on…


Hill Farmstead George: an American Brown Ale that seems to define the styyyyle. So super good I’ve had customers know that it was coming on and asked me to Facespace them when we tapped it. So, I did. And, they came in and were happy. And, they are happy.

Sixpoint Autumnation: a “wet-hop” IPA. Why did I put wet-hop in rabbit ears? So I could define it. Wet hopping is when you take hops that were picked VERY recently and use them fresh rather than drying them or pelletizing them. This gives the beer an herbaceous and well, a fresh characteristic that is truly lovely.

Honeymaker Cyser: I’ve been asked to bring this back so, I did. It’s a Mead/Cider hybrid that will be perfect for the upcoming change in weather. It’s dangerous in its drinking capability since it’s so smooth yet very powerful. Kind of like Apollo Creed.

Evil Twin Justin Blabaer: I just had to buy this for you. It’s a blueberry Berliner Weissbier. Yup. Tart and blueberry. And, it makes reference to some pop star that I’ve only heard of through hearsay so I figured I’d get to know him this way.

Lawson’s Finest Kiwi: You see how I did that? A double IPA from Mr. Lawson that’s made with a nice portion of hops from New Zealand. You see how he did that?


Well, we obviously have a lot more changing around here. You’re just going to have to wait and see for yourself. Because, that’s the fun part. And, I’ll almost guarantee that it’s more fun than Pokemon even though I have never “played” it and I’m sure it’s pretty fun too.


Cheers Friends!


Thee Three Pennymon.