Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Whenever you actually had time to read this! I just want to start by saying how sharp you all look in your back-to-school gear. We all went out and got haircuts for the occasion. Hopefully with all of the routines settling in you’ll be able to find time for good company, good times and healthy pursuits. We all try to accommodate in all of the aforementioned areas. We also like to be ready to greet you and serve you for when the time comes to get an awesome meal and a delicious beer (or a cocktail or a glass of wine – we really don’t judge).


This is usually where I would let you know what’s going on tap for the last week of IPAugust. But, we’re also getting a lot of lovelies that don’t focus on the hop side of the art form. Coming up soon you’ll be able to have a Gose-Off with two offerings (both from Vermont Breweries (Lost Nation and Zero Gravity)) going head to head and side by side to give you two excellent interpretations of the style. If you aren’t familiar with the Gose style it’s a tart and refreshing beer (originally from Germany and being rapidly and rightfully resurrected) that is brewed with coriander and salt. It’s rather addicting, actually. I’ve seen it recently where those that have tried it tend to have a “thirst” for it, so to speak.  


Speaking of things coming in, we were able to procure so really great offerings from across the pond that should be arriving soon.  I’m not going to go into it too much in this installment but the mere fact that I’m mentioning it should let you know that I’m a “little” excited about it. Ok, I’ll give you a hint: it’s a Flemish Red Ale. Ok! I’ll give you another hint: it’s named after the only child of the Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Yeah, that hint wasn’t great because it just made you search it so I’ll just let you know that it’s the Verhaeghe Duchess de Bourgogne. Now, you should look that up.


Here’s what else we’re excited about:

-          Alesmith Horny Devil: I have to say it: it’s devilishly good. This Belgian Style Strong ale is smooth and very misconceiving with its pale color. Don’t let it fool you. But, you should totally dance with this devil in the pale moonlight.

-          Smuttynose Cluster’s Last Stand: we were very lucky to get some of this. Smuttynose and Stone brewing Companies both teamed up to pay homage to the Cluster Hop, which is a hop that was predominantly used prior to prohibition and has seen a steady decline towards some of the newer varieties on the block. This double IPA is punching you in the mouth with classic IPA flavor which stealing your wallet with its smooth operation. All in a good way.

-          Hill Farmstead Citra Single Hop Pale Ale: Yes, I made you read/skip all of the above before unveiling that. And yes, if the Amarillo was any indication, I’ll give this beer about three hours to be on. I would advise being in the right place at the right time for this one. Hint: this is the place.


And, it appears that I inadvertently let you know about more beers outside of the bullet form than I did inside. And, that’s how it’s going to have to be I guess. So, until next time…

Cheers friends!


Kindest Regards,

Sir Penny of Three of the Main Street Kingdom, Montpelier.