Oh what a beautiful Moooooorrrrrnnnnnnning! Oh what a beautiful Daaaaaaaaaaaay! I got a beautiful feeeeeeeeeeeling that you’re going to learn a little bit about what we’ve got going on here that we’ve lined up specifically for you (I totally sang that in tune and I hope you did too).


 As the season seems to want to prepare us for the harvest, we’re holding on to summer with both hands and celebrating the greatest time of the year here in the lovely state of Vermont. It truly is a wondrous event. We’re also knee deep in IPAugust which is seeing a LOT of humulus lupulus drenched liquid being consumed and enjoyed. I’ll go into it later but it’s great to go across the board and be able to get so many different takes on the same style (or at least the base style) of beer. It’s kind of like (to me) giving different painters the same canvas and subject and watching the paint fly. And, as a reminder, tomorrow is the third Thursday of the month which means that the Kathleen Kanz Comedy Power Hour starts at 10 PM! It’s a perfect occasion to tip back those hop juices and belly laugh your night away.


I know you already knew about the third Thursday laughathons but were you aware about our Sundays? We host what we like to call the “Beer Drinker’s Lunch” which is essentially a party for your mouth from 12-5 every time the week ends. We have some different items to choose from for your feeding habits (that all go VERY well with the beers we’ve chosen) and we showcase a different beer every week at an either reduced cost or different vessel. This Sunday we’ll be pouring Grassroots Brewing (the collaboration between Hill Farmstead and Kissmeyer Brewing of Denmark – it’s an American Style Blonde Ale with lemongrass, chamomile(you don’t have to walk a mile for it) and citrus) The Bliss of Absence in PINT SIZED FORMAT! It’s awesome.


Ok, on to the India Pale Ridiculousness (in a good way). This is either what’s on tap or what’s gonna come in:

-          Harpoon Leviathan IPA: a SUPER good Imperial IPA from our friends at the Windsor, Vermont Brewery.  Very highly rated and dripping with hops.

-          The Bruery Humulus Lager: one of our favorite hybrids around here is the introduction of Lager yeast to the IPAle category. It takes the IP to the HOUSE! Speaking of which…

-          Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union: another IPLager (remember about the painters?) – both of these are just about as good as it gets.

-          Evil Twin Falco IPA: super excited for this one since it’s, well, a beautiful IPA.

-          Hill Farmstead Amarillo Single Hop Pale Ale: Every wanted to know what the Amarillo hop was all about? This is how you find out. Brew a beer (doesn’t hurt that it’s coming from the #1 Brewery in the world – but you can try it too) with NOTHING but Amarillo hops. That’s how you find out.

-          Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #7: this beer makes us speak Spanish. Numero Siete, Bueno.

-          Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine: keep your eyes/ears/honing beams  keen. We went through our allotment in record time last week .


For you folks that don’t want to read about another IPA, here’s your drool puddle reason:

-          Lost Nation Gose: man I love this beer. A perfectly executed gose with a touch of coriander and salt this should be your go to beer after a hard workout. It is the ultimate recovery drink.

-          Mystic Hazy Jane: a summer Saison from a brewery that is nailing the style right now. Super floral and crisp with a beautiful finish.

-          Zero Gravity Sticke Alt: I know I’ve mentioned this before. I’m like a little bitty puppy at feeding time doing circles.


Alright! We’ll see you tonight and tomorrow for all your tomfoolery and shenanigans!




 El Bedegon Tres Peniques