What’s happenin’ hotstuffs?

There’s a good deal of information this week so you might want to go ahead and read this out loud and in a voice that is not your own. I’m choosing Sean Connery’s. To start us off, I am pleased to inform you about a very special event we’ve got going on THIS SATURDAY! Jack’s Abby Brewing, based in Framingham, Massachusetts has been blazing the Lager trail and this Saturday, you’ll get to see why. We’ll have a few (ok, more than a few) of their wares on tap all at the same time for you to try and the brewers themselves will even be here so that you can do that thing that everyone learned from Wayne’s World when you taste their beers (you know, the “we’re not worthy” thing). I am going to keep exactly what we’re pouring a little secret but I will tell you that Hoponious Union, their India Pale Lager, will be in the house (as will their collaboration with Lawson’s Finest, a Smoked Maple Lager and a few others like the Smoke & Dagger, the Leisure Time and their Barrel Aged Framinghammer – whoops, stupid mouth (or fingers)). We wouldn’t want these beers to be lonely, so here’s some of the other beers that we’ll have either for Saturday or in the coming future to keep them company:


Lost Nation Rustic Amber Ale: we’ve been loving what’s been coming out of the new kid on the block’s Brewhouse. We’ll be basically showcasing their entire line up so check back often.

Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude # 3: it’s just a Double IPA from Greensboro. No need to get excited. [he says in a deliberately sarcastic tone]

Lawson’s Finest Spring Fever: Session IPA anyone?

Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine: don’t worry about it. It’s not like it’s Double Sunshine or anything. [he says in a “y’all know you want some Sunshine Doubled” tone]

Nogne-O India Pale Lager: thought you knew your IPAles didn’t you? Well, meet Mr. IPL.

Et Cetera and So on and so forth…

But, speaking of IPLs…

You might just notice that there’s a lot of Lagers that will be or already are gracing our Taplist right now or in the next, oh let’s just say a month or so. That’s because it’s time for the next installment of our “Takeover Styyyyyyle” (and if anyone wants to know what the “Styyyyyyyle” sounds like, just ask next time you’re in, specifically if you want to know what Sean Connery sounds like saying it).

That’s right; Lager Time. You may be familiar with it without even knowing it. You see, Lagers are the most produced beer on the planet but the ones that deserve particular attention are often overlooked. Without getting too technical, Lagers are (in the beer world) the new kids on the block, yet when they arrived, they took the world by storm (literally). Before the invention/availability of refrigeration most of the beers that were produced year round were ales (or beers that we not spoiled by employing a higher fermentation temperature and/or could be fermented without a specific window of temperature – I see  you thinking I’d miss you Saisons…). Brewers could and were making Lagers during this time period but it could only be done during specific times of the year, when the temperature suited their coats. Once brewers could maintain a specific temperature range year round they started making more of these beers that were crisper; beers that could be quaffable yet distinguished. The new technology was so popular, in fact, that by the late 1800s Lager breweries almost displaced Ales entirely.  

There’s a whole lot more to it, obviously, but I don’t want to take up your ENTIRE day (which I could). However, what we want to do here is introduce you to what that invention/employment of refrigeration (and the isolation of a single cell organism, et cetera. You see? Oodles of information – by the way, thank you Mr. Pasteur and your team of scientists) actually can do. You may be familiar with the Pilsner (which is my favorite style and I have some gems for you coming up) and by the time this month is over we will introduce you to the other bottom fermented goodness goodies that enjoy the cold just like you do. So keep your eyes out for the Bocks and India Pale Lagers, the Schwarzbiers and Rauchbiers, the Pilsners and hybrids (California Common!). We’ll be “stored” with information and delighted to introduce you to the world’s most popular style and to show you what a change of yeast can do for you.        


That’s about it for this week’s installment. Stay thirsty for Craft Beer my friends!



The Three Penny Conglomerate.