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As many of you probably already know, we like to celebrate a little bit. Sometimes it is momentary aspirations that send us gleefully frolicking and spinning like tiny dandelions caught in the wind (ok, maybe not THAT ambitiously visual but, well, sometimes the moment takes us there). And sometimes, we can make that last an entire month (I’ve seen in go longer but we set our sights on continuing that happy face for thirty one days and go from there). For the next month (tomorrow, August, in case you were wondering) we are celebrating SO hard that we’re even changing the name of said month. That’s correct; from hither forth “August” will hence be named “IPAugust.” (spell check will eventually get the memorandum).

For the entire month of IPAugust we will be doing one of our famous “takeover styyyyyyles” and showcasing every single India Pale Ale that we can get our pint sized hands on. Many of you are extremely adept at picking out your favorite IPA and devouring it, that is for sure. However, we invite you to try some of the off-chutes and bastard sons of a style that all began out of our favorite gumption igniter: necessity. You see, the original India Pale Ale was birthed because brewers (and brewery owners) needed to find a way to tap into the extremely large market for thirsty soldiers stationed on another continent. They also had to ensure that this beer wouldn’t go stale on the long voyage AROUND another continent on its way to meeting its final destination. One day (I’m being overly dramatic about it; it probably wasn’t “one day”) someone figured out (and I should say that the actual origin of the idea is accredited to a man with the last name Hodgson and Bow Brewery but it was the Allsopp Brewery that turned the idea into a powerhouse) that in order to survive the journey the beer would require some sort of preservative to prevent spoiling. Turns out, hops are pretty good at it. You know what also works pretty well? Alcohol does, that’s right. SO, what the British soldiers received in India was a highly hopped, higher in alcohol version of the standard pale ale that they were used to in their home country. Upon returning, these same soldiers were looking for that sweet juice they had whilst abroad. They wanted some of that India Pale Ale that they were drinking. Hence forth, we’re renaming an entire month because of that happy experiment.

Vermont has a good amount of IPAs. You may have even had one or two. We will have those luscious liquids. We will also have those bastard sons of necessity like the India BLACK Ale (also known as the Black IPA – as Vermont as Jazz is American), the India Pale LAGER and even the DOUBLE IPA or IMPERIAL IPA. We’re wading in a sea of hops with a malt backbone and a frothy head of a life preserver. All aboard.

The list is too numerous to mention this week (as far as IPAs are concerned) so check our twitter and faceyspace accounts to keep up to the minute with what’s going on and what to expect. I’ll also be teasing a little here to let you know what’s coming in and what’s going on.

Here’s what’s either on or will be on soon (both IPAs and not):

-          Ballast Point Sculpin: a classic West Coast IPA and one of the best of the kind.

-          Grassroots Brewing’s The Bliss of Absence: an American Blonde Ale made with lemongrass, chamomile and citrus. A stellar collaboration between Hill Farmstead and Kissmeyer Brewing of Denmark.

-          Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine: aptly named since there’s probably not a better one out there. It’s sunshine, doubled.

-          Hill Farmstead Nelson Sauvin Single Hop Pale Ale: we don’t have much so check in to see when we tap it.

-          Zero Gravity Conehead: this Wheat IPA is quickly taking the place as our number one seller and there’s a great reason why. It’s delicious.

-          Zero Gravity Sticke Alt: one of my favorite styles and when Zero Gravity takes the reigns behind a style, they nail it. So, this is about as close you will ever get to a perfect representation of an Alt Beer.


There’s plenty more where that came from but I didn’t want to take up too much more of your time and didn’t want to make you miss us even more than you already do. So, with that, I say adieu and stay thirsty for craft beer our friends!!!



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