I hope your days are going as good as they ever gone before ever in your entire lives, ever. A lot of people have paired beer with a lot of things in the past and they’ve got some pretty great results. We’ve been known to do the same. One of my favorite personal pairings that I get to do from time to time is to pair beer with music. I believe (or maybe it’s just me?) that we all have a song stuck in our heads at all times. You might not notice it, but it’s a beat that gets you pacing yourself throughout the rhythm of life. That’s perfectly suited to some upcoming events that we have going on for you (see how I did that?)!


This Thursday, at 10 PM, we’re welcoming Abby Jenny to get all SOLOFIED and belt out her tunes. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to catch Abby (when she’s not with her band, The Enablers); you really shouldn’t miss her. She’s one of those performers where you keep looking behind her, wondering where that voice is coming from. And, her version of “Radio King” is by far my favorite. It’s gold. And, she pairs VERY well with the entirety of Thor’s Day.


Keeping with that theme, we’ve seen it in the past that Lunch and Jazz go well together also. For this Sunday’s BEER DRINKER’S LUNCH (which, if you didn’t know, we have a special menu running as well as some discounted/special drafts…just saying) we will be filling the air with the sounds of the Mike Lorenz Trio. Imagine rocking out some awesome food with an amazing craft beer and having the sounds of a soft saxophone and slippery guitar filling the air amidst the brushed snare drum…I almost just fell back on my seat I was so relaxed and happy.


So, what are you going to pair with all this music? Try these on like pantaloons:

-          Heady Topper anyone? To be official: Around here, it’s Topper Thursday. We know things have been changed around but we’re pretty sure it’ll remain Topper Thursday for a while. Get it while we have it and enjoy it while you’re drinking it.

-          Shmaltz Brewing’s Lenny’s RIPA: a VERY highly rated double IPA brewed with Rye malt. This is the first we’ve had from this company and I’m excited to try it. You should be too.

-          Sierra Nevada (nod) Slight of Hand: imagine an India Black Ale fermented with a Belgian yeast. You can stop imagining because it’s on tap.

-          Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #4: double IPA made with Citra and Galaxy hops. I feel like a hypnotist sometimes when I’m writing it. I just keep imagining people reading that and closing their eyes and putting their heads pack and falling into this kind of sleep state happy place. Now every time I say the word “Goshen” you’ll hug your neighbor.

-          Zero Gravity Conehead: you all love it and so do we. Talk about Goshen…

-          Founders Dirty Bastard: if you want to know what a Scotch Ale (a style that originated in the Highlands of Scotland) should taste like, then this would be your navigator.


Of course, we’ll have plenty from the usual suspects (Hill Farmstead/Lawson’s/Zero Gravity) that I’m not going to mention because it won’t be in until Friday and I don’t want to get your motors running. But, if you check in with us, we’ll be happy to pair you in the right direction.



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