All right, I’m not really a “guy’s guy” about certain things, I’ll admit that. I’ve never seen the movie “Titanic” so I can’t say that I cried at the end of it (let me guess…the ship sinks right?) but I’ve been known to get emotional when normal people do and my heart strings get pulled and bent when the commoner has the same reaction. I think the word “cute” is something that rarely passes my teeth en route to my lips on the way to the world where it usually belongs. As a qualified example: if a child hands me a toy phone, you better believe I’m going to answer that thing. Heckfire, I’m even going to put that receiver up to my ear and pretend like I’m having a conversation with someone that totally isn’t there. I’d be talking to NO ONE. It would be crazy! But, that kid would appreciate it, wouldn’t they?


All that aside: our new menu is bloody adorable.


I mean; look at those cute little Salt Cod Fritters! I could just (and I do) eat them up!


And the Pork Shoulder Bacon with the fried egg, toast and maple chili butter? We have bacon as a starter? Did someone put bacon on our menu as a starter without me knowing? Oh wait: I knew about it. And, we have bacon on our menu that you can eat!


I could just pinch that Falafel Wrap’s little cheeks just before I shove it into my face hole while I stare lovingly at the Black Bean and Ancho Chile Soup because it’s so darn cute!


And OMGLOLSMH! That Porchetta just did the cutest thing I took thirty pictures of it, tagged all of you on Faceyspace and then Snapchanged that picture so that I could hashmark it on the Instapicture device application.


In all seriousness (or as much as I can handle on a regular basis), this menu is adorable. I believe I’ve stressed that before but it (Smokey the bad news) bears repeating.


I could gush on. I could. But I do have to talk about beer at some point. You’ll understand when you’re older.




[Audible sigh]


Well, I could tell you that we’ll have a pin of Mr. Lawson’s finest Steve’s Backyard Red on Saturday that we’ll (well, Mr. Lawson will be) tapping at 3 o’clock in the post meridian. We might actually have three (3) of his offerings on tap. That’s cute, right?


And what if I told you that next Monday (Febrewary 10th) we’ll have on a vertical tasting of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot? Would that be cute? Like, as in, we’ll have different variations and vintages of the eponymous Barley Wine. How’s that for the most snuggly wuggly woozy bear you’ve ever seen?

Oh yeah, we’ll have George in house as well as an Experimental brew from our friends up on the Hill and you’ll just have to rub its belly and watch it’s smile.


[Audible sounds of a male rubbing a stomach that is only called a “tummy” when you’re referring to a child]


I believe that’s what I have for you at this point.


If something comes up, you’ll be the first to know.


Cheers Friends!


Three Pennywennywoogieboogiewoo Tappywappy