Let us start your day off with something that, if it doesn’t brighten your world for at least eight minutes, then I’m really not sure how to actually get through to you people (I say that in the nicest way possible – it’s not like I use the term “you people” very often (actually, when I do, I usually use a comma)) and try to shroud you with the blanket that is called “happy.”  

Watch THIS when you have a minute. We’re about to go into detail so, in the immortal words of the bunny itself, “speaking in confidentiality, SPOILER ALERT FOR THE REST OF THIS MESSAGE.”


Why are we watching this today?


A couple of simple reasons, actually. First, this clip aired for the first time on this date in 1940 and thus, a star was born. Although his name was never spoken or mentioned during their original scene, Bugs Bunny got his start. Second, I have a background in Children’s Literature and have over-analyzed countless numbers of books and things that people read to those humans whose brains are still developing (should be noted: never stops – but, children are more apt to have something shape them than a full grown human brain and it’s important to send them subliminal messages, apparently). Never, in my years of over-analysis, have I even thought of doing so with cartoons. What an idiot I was/am.


But the real reason to watch this today: it’s really really funny.


I mean, immediately, you get to see a very young Elmer Fudd (how young he looks! The camera must have advanced in its technology throughout the years to be able to add five pounds because it doesn’t here) talking directly to the camera. That’s breaking the “fourth wall” almost as soon as the character is introduced, which begins the need for you, the viewer, to become involved and invested within the confines of the script. And, you should also be apparently qwuiet, very very qwuiet.


Music. Notice how the music is “made” for the script and the action on the screen. Yes, that’s exactly how it used to be with directors and producers sending music along with the films in order to score the show live, but, this is pin-pointing the exactly movements, making the scene play and dance. I could probably write an entire piece on the movements used in the sound effects alone but in the interest of time, we’re going to move along to the fact that A BUNNY JUST TIED A SHOTGUN INTO A BOW!


That’s crazy!


Also, a talking rabbit? Yes, there’s a talking rabbit in the world now. Your mind is blown and now you’re going to run around the world asking just about everything “Eh, What’s up Doc?” And, it’s going to be hilarious because you have a tendency to repeat things that this point in your development. If you’re beyond those years, you’ll probably chuckle to yourself for remembering that you used to (either subliminally or subconsciously at this point) go around asking “what’s up” to just about everything and including the word “doc” in there.


Then, there’s humor for the adults at the time because when Bugs covers Elmer’s eyes and asks “guess who?” he gets four guesses out of him.


First guess.


Second guess.


Third guess.


Forth guess. (I couldn’t decipher what he said and I tried)



All wrong.



Then the rabbit tricks Elmer AGAIN and this time with a skunk and it was, as well, funny. Suddenly, Elmer has a brand new gun out of nowhere and “shoots” the rabbit, ends up feeling bad and then goes away, basically tarnishing himself for the desire to kill a rabbit but ultimately will try again when it turns into duck season. And, just to be sure that we have something to leave by; we see a rabbit play a carrot like a flute. Keep those imaginations running kinder!


The end.



This has absolutely nothing to do with beer.


As it shouldn’t, really, it’s about the kinder. But, hopefully you have some sort of deep down connection with watching cartoons and hopefully this made you smile because that’s the intention.



As far as beer IS concerned, we’ve been really really trying to tap this new beer from Lawson’s Finest Liquids. It’s called Idaho 7 and it’s a single hop IPA from one of our favorite brewers of India Pale Ales (among other styles). It’ll be on soon, that’s about all I can say. We have five gallons so, well, some of you will be able to try it and some will not. It’s not because we don’t love you all, it’s just the way the world works.


We’re also getting a very good amount of variety coming down from the Hill the end of this week so those will trickle in throughout the next week or so.


We have a REALLY awesome Saison from Zero Gravity on right now and that’ll be good to drink on a nice and warm day.



And, I want to end our time together to let you know that we’re going to be VERY busy on August 19th. It’s a Friday. We are going to do something we generally don’t really do that often and it involves the words “tap” and “takeover” and we’re actually going to “tap” things and then “takeover” the majority of the boards with two VERY great breweries that you really can’t get around these parts. Stay tuned. I know who the two breweries are and if you say “swordfish” to me on the streets, I’ll let you know. By the way, “swordfish” is always the password, always.