This was supposed to be an easy one.  

You see, I actually have some pertinent news to publicize or broadcast or announce or communicate or make known.


We’re having a party this Saturday and you’re all invited. We also invited the Oxbow folks to come along and hang out with you as well. Because of their imminent appearance we are also going to have a lot of their beers on tap and in the bottle so that you can get a pretty decent foray into the world that is Oxbow. We will have their Farmhouse Pale Ale, their Continental (Farmhouse Ale with European hops – although I can not stop saying “Continental” like this), their Town Line Porter (darkish ale with Spelt in it) and their Crossfade (a blend of various hop forward Saisons) on tap (hopefully – don’t say that, be assured – ok, sorry, yup, we’ll have them on tap, all of them) and others that will be in bottles that we will gladly pour for you. So, you should be here for that. It’s basically an all day affair but I was informed by our friends at the Ox that they will be here in attendance at some point but they’re going to let me know what time and when they let me know I’ll text you. Also, pick up milk. But I’ll text you to remind you. Make sure you have your phone with you.


But that wasn’t it.


That sounds just about as easy as it can get right?


I’ve already discussed what we’ve come to talk about before I tell you about our brand spanking NEW MENU starting next week that you’ll just have to wait and see what’s on that there.


But it’s not that easy.


Not at all.




Because, just because.


Well, because when we talk about Oxbow I start thinking about Waldoboro, which is a very extremely specially place in my heart and mind. Waldoboro is in Maine and I spent a long portion of my formidable (I’m a very late bloomer – I’m still blooming) years there and got to know the area very well. Little did I know then but the way to get to Waldoboro is by driving (if that’s your thing) past a small town named Newcastle, which is where Oxbow’s Brewery is located. I’ve been there since but I probably drove past it one thousand five hundred and seventy three times (probably) before there was a brewery there. There’s a brewery there now.




Thinking about a small town in Maine makes me think about the fact that it’s technically a “hamlet” which is what a town that’s kind of smaller than a village is named. We have them here, small towns that should be called “hamlets.”


That makes me think of my favorite play, which is supposedly written by William Shakespeare but it’s not named after a small town. It’s Titus Andronicus. That’s my favorite play. BUT, obviously I think about the play that’s named after a small town because I have a bunch of it memorized because I’ve been in that production (figuratively and also physically) before but the thing that it makes me think about is The Band and their song Ophelia, partly because over the years my memory has simply turned to not good and I have a hard time discerning all of the plays from one and another one.


Because the old neighborhood just is not the same as it used to be.



And that had me thinking about how to connect Oxbow with Billy Shakespeare (WARNING: You can’t unsee that).



And that’s where the complication began. But, all is saved now that my genius has kicked in and saved the day.


So, please be thankful of that.



Time to shut the brain down now.



See you Saturday! (And, every day leading up to Saturday where we’ll have some incredible beers on tap (and cocktails!) for you to try which include but are not limited to: Almanac Dogpatch Sour (with cherries!), Hill Farmstead Dorothy and also Double Galaxy, Allagash 2011 version of Odyssey (talk about Shakespeare! HA AHAHAHA HA), Lost Nation Mosaic and another round of the Pink & Pale from Idletyme (formerly Crop Bistro) because you asked for it to come back and we got more in so you have to come in now and drink it because you asked for it and it would be rude not to drink it)





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