Seven Days- Vermont's premier alternative weekly paper (and really the best paper in the state) just announced the winner's of their annual Seven Daisies awards for best this and best that in all the land.... and we were voted Best Bar Outside Chittenden County! Thanks to everyone who voted for us- we are really honored, and really excited.  We love doing what we do, and we really love that you love what we do too. That all said, one thing we don't do is brew beer.  We'd love to be brewing beer, but frankly we just don't have the room for it (and that equipment is expensive!).  Which makes our runner-up award for Best Brewpub Outside Chittenden County both an honor, and a little confusing.  I guess some of you are just so excited about Three Penny that you voted for us in what ever category you felt like.  Hey, no one's complaining- accolades are accolades and we love getting them; especially reader surveys like the Seven Daisies.  You like us, you voted for us, and we're honored.  Thanks so much for all your support!