So that I can get this out there right off the bat: we’re hoping (I’m hoping) to reach out to everyone and see what some of your past favorite “Daily Burgers” are. You know that we put creamy peanut butter and pickled hot peppers on our burger every Friday but we’ve done some really great ones in the past and we’re basically taking a poll to see which ones you liked the best. So, just email me ( what some of your favorites were and we’re going to do something really special with the data. How did we (I) arrive at this need?  

I never thought you would ask…




You could say that I’m a fairly learned (pronounced “learn-ed” – not trying to be condescending – that means I “talk down” to people (c’mon – that’s funny)) individual. I’ve been known to read the books and share my thoughts and analysis and interpretations in scholarly pursuits (not so much anymore – this right now, what you’re reading, is how I equate in my brain that I’m using the education in this medium) all the while trying my best to be completely intelligent about the subject and objectively handle the matter in order to “journal” the findings. For instance, and this is for another time and place (email me and I’ll let you know details) some of you may know that there’s a children’s book out there that I will never (speaking in hyperbolic fashions today because they fit well and have a good piece of cloth) read to a child due to the content and subliminal teachings of said book. I was and am unashamed of taking a stance that is not popular in order to prove a point important to me all the while backing the argument with concise details. I’m saying all of this because the following might shock you; it might make you not like what I say but you’ll have to hear me out and see.






I don’t believe that the Hambuglar was a good role model.



Exhibit “A.”


No one is questioning the Hamburglar’s intentions here. He wants to steal things. He wishes to take what is rightfully yours that you purchase with your hard earned money without exchanging anything for it. That’s the definition of “stealing.” Granted, the suffix “Burglar” should have been an obvious flag for anyone questioning his motives (which are to STEAL THINGS). My problem here is that the Hamburglar is a character, a children’s playmate for discovery. The fact that he is dressed like a burglar helps little and freshly developing minds to connect with his intentions helps his own cause but is this really what we want to teach our children, well? (get it?)


The major crux of the situation is thus: in exhibit A you will see Mr. Burglar’s attempts to take something which is not his. He tries multiple times and I’m not really sure how he doesn’t hurt himself after he slingshots himself from a tree but that’s besides the fantasy here. After these multiple attempts and upon succeeding the taking of things (in this case: hamburgers from a global chain not mentioned) he is, at the end of the argument, handed a hamburger by another character with silly hair.


How is this making any sense to children?


Are you telling the kinder that if they attempt to steal things that are not theirs they will be awarded with a portion of the very thing with which they attempted to take?


Does the fault lie with him or with the man with silly hair? He’s the enabler.


And what about the large purple thing? As a bystander they do nothing to either aide nor halt the actions of this nefarious criminal. Should the fault lie on Mr. Purple’s shoulders (someone should think of a name for that purple thing – he looks like he’s either smiling a fake smile or completely unsure of his surroundings, resulting in a face that looks like something I can’t quite put my finger on at the moment).


These are questions that keep me up at night people. Because it’s about the KIDS!



That’s why we’re (I’m) hoping to get your two cents on what were some of the “standout” Daily burgers that we’ve had here. You might just see them again if you respond to me with the ones that you liked so much they are now making you think about our hamburgers, which makes me think about beer because hamburgers remind me of grills and grills remind me of summer and summer reminds me of baseball and baseball reminds me of freshly cut grass which is a component of smell attributed to certain types of hops which somehow reminds me of beer.


So here’s some things and stuff:


  • We are very happy to be able to put our friend’s beer on tap soon. It’s Deciduous Brewing out of Newmarket, New Hampshire and we’ll be starting off with their incredibly hard for me to spell word but it basically means tasty Berliner Weisse with Mango and Lychee. I’ve been able to have a couple of Deciduous beers in the past and I’m excited to share these with you. Deciduous means that it sheds its leaves annually but you knew that.
  • Speaking of New Hampshire and places that I’ve stood in we can also mention Schilling Brewing out of Littleton (very pretty there). Right now we have their Konundrum on tap which is a very nice and TART pale ale (you need to know that it’s tart, otherwise you’ll read “pale ale” and be completely off guard when push just came to shove) and soon we’ll be pouring their Grotius, which is their Abbey Style Dubbel (think middle ground in the “body” category with candy sugar remnants). Both of which are very nice and you’d like them, they share many personality traits that match your coat.
  • We will be, very soon, pouring Hill Farmstead’s Shirley Mae on NITRO which is their Session Porter on NITRO and it won’t last long because it’s on NITRO and people are just going to flip their ghoulish gourds over it. NITRO.
  • Idletyme’s Vanilla Porter will also be on tap at the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier Vermont as well and it’s basically the best Vanilla Porter you’re gong to find so since I just gave you directions you can use those to get down here and get some since it’s mud season and vanilla porters were practically made for mud season (that at least SHOULD be the case).






I look forward to hearing from you, specifically, about what your favorite Daily Burger was so that I can hear from you.





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