This is totally the time of year that I look outside and think about beer. And; food. I think it’s almost impossible not to with the oranges and yellows and red beaming and falling all around you. They look just like IPAs and Flemish Reds all seeming to say, “it’s ok buddy, we’re here to make everything alright.” No, I don’t think there’s any more people running around in my head than anyone else’s. It’s just that time of year when you’re reminded that summer’s hold is loosening and it’s going to be time soon where the long pants come out and we’re all going to be a lot closer together in proximity. But, that’s what we’re here for. We’re here for you to get closer together and make everything alright. I guess that makes us leaves. That’s right. I have no clue where I’m going with this other than it’s Autumn and well, it’s really nice outside and we live in an area where it gets really pretty this time of year. Digression commencing…


As for events: there’s three of us here (probably more) that in a past life used to play instruments in public, for the enjoyment of others. Well, we’re going to relive those moments tomorrow night when we (us three) play for you. Kenna Donovan (startender extraordinaire and all around super nice lady), Wes Hamilton (Chief – you probably know him, he owns the place) and Me (Kevin M Kerner – no descriptor) are going to pick up our guitfiddles and sing some songs for you. We’ll kick off our sets at 10 PM and it should be a great way for some of you that haven’t seen us perform before to do so with a nice beverage and in a comfortable environment. And, if you in fact haven’t seen us perform before then this will totally be your first time. I’ve seen both of them perform before and I can guarantee you, these are top-notch singers and musicians. I’ve seen myself perform before as well so this will not be my first time.


Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, BEER!


Here’s what’s either on right now or coming up really soon. Check back with us on the regular to see for sure what just got tapped because, like the seasons, if you blink you’ll miss it. And, we don’t want you to miss ANYTHING.


Jack’s Abby Copper Legend: we just tapped this AWESOME Oktoberfest that’s super true to style. Refreshing, crisp and with a little caramel thrown in there (as a descriptor, they didn’t put caramel in it) it’s a beautiful celebratory agent for the wedding of a German Prince that happened a long time ago.

Hill Farmstead Life Without Principle: a Blonde ale in the American styyyyle that’s made with Hibiscus. I’ve had the opportunity to try it. It’s something I could hang out with for a long time.

Zero Gravity Narconaut: and India BLACK Ale (as opposed to PALE) that’s got the goods on the dark end of the spectrum with all that roasty character and stuff but will always make a hop head happy.

Allagash Hugh Malone: just in and we’re going to put in on as fresh as fresh gets. Imagine an IPA that’s made by Allagash with their fancy yeasts. Huge Malone was an integral part in hop production in the US so, when you get one, tip the glass to him. And then google him. Interesting cat he was.

St. Bernardus Prior 8: if you ever wanted to know what a Belgian Dubbel should taste like, this is your chance. A beautiful beer.


As always, we’ll have treats from Mr. Hill and Mr. Lawson for the weekend and we’ll be tapping them accordingly. So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow night! I’ll be the one playing guitar with a hat on.


Cheers Friends!


The Leaf That Falls From The Tree (translated: TPT)